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Sony NEX full frame camera release date is 2014


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Sony NEX full frame camera release date is rumored to occur in early 2014, despite the fact that the device will be officially unveiled in fall 2013.

More and more trusted sources are leaking information about the upcoming Sony NEX full frame camera. The device will surely feature an FF image sensor, but it will be compatible with the company’s E-mount.

sony-e-mount-rumor Sony NEX full frame camera release date is 2014 Rumors

A new Sony E-mount rumor has just surfaced, saying that a NEX full frame camera will be announced sometime in 2013, while the device’s release date has been scheduled for early 2014.

Sony NEX full frame camera release date scheduled for 2014, announcement for fall 2013

Although the form factor and the specs might be similar to the RX1 ones, this will be a brand new device, which will be a lot more appealing to professional photographers because it will support an interchangeable lens system.

Sources are making their “predictions” for the Sony NEX full frame camera release date. The various details might be a little bit contradictory, but some things are certain. First of all, the company is doing its best to prevent leaks and second of all is that the shooter will become available on store shelves in early 2014, instead of 2013.

Sony will get busy over the following months

Previously, it has been mentioned that the FF E-mount device is already in development. Another report revealed that Sony’s partnership with Olympus will bear fruits by the end of 2013 and it may well refer to the rumored camera.

It is worth noting that multiple other Sony shooters are rumored to be announced over the following months. The list includes two FF A-mount cameras, an APS-C A-mount one, as well as a replacement for the NEX-7.

All of these gadgets must be revealed at some point, so it remains to be seen whether the company’s engineers will move faster than first expected.

End of summer is nearing, all good things are coming this fall

As the summer is coming to an end, there are little chances for this shooter to be unveiled in late August. Waiting until the end of fall 2013 would be wiser, therefore Sony fans are invited to hold back from purchasing new gear until that timeframe, unless they are fancying the new RX1R and the RX100 II.

The Sony RX1R is currently available for pre-order at Amazon and B&H for $2,798. Meanwhile, the RX100 II can be bought for only $748 at both Amazon and B&H. Expected shipping date is late July.

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