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Sony files patent infringement lawsuit against Red Digital


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Sony has filed a countersuit against Red Digital for infringing seven patents with its One, Epic, and Scarlet professional video recording cameras.

In mid-February 2013, Red Digital has filed a lawsuit against Sony. The former said that the latter is knowingly infringing its patents with the help of the F-series cameras. Red wants all Sony “F” professional camcorders destroyed and punitive damages to be granted by the judge.

red-digital-epic-scarlet-cameras Sony files patent infringement lawsuit against Red Digital News and Reviews

Red Digital’s Epic and Scarlet cameras are allegedly infringing on seven Sony patents.

Patent infringement lawsuit filed by Sony against Red Digital

However, Sony did not remain quiet in this matter. At the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2013, the Japan-based company has officially announced that a patent lawsuit has been filed against Red Digital at the US District Court in the Central District of California.

The patent infringement lawsuit has been filed on April 5, 2013, with Sony claiming that Red is violating its licenses with the One, Epic, and Scarlet cameras. Additionally, the Japanese manufacturer is asserting that multiple motion camera accessories, such as the Redmote, are in clear violation of its patents.

Sony ended its brief statement by demanding damages from Red and a permanent injunction against the sale of the aforementioned products.

A spokesperson for Red Digital declined to comment, though the sole official reaction came from CEO Jim Jannard, who said that “someone is nervous” and that it is not him.

The US District Court judge has yet to announce a trial date, in order to determine whether Red is infringing on Sony’s seven patents. It remains to be seen whether Red is violating Sony’s patents or vice-versa, but such lawsuits are lengthy so do not hold your breath over it.

prototype-sony-4k-cameras Sony files patent infringement lawsuit against Red Digital News and Reviews

Sony used the NAB Show 2013 opportunity to reveal a couple of 4K video recording prototype cameras and lenses.

Sony reveals prototype 4K video recording cameras and cine lenses at NAB Show 2013

Meanwhile, both Sony and Red Digital have been keeping themselves busy over the past hours. Sony has demoed several prototype 4K video recording cameras and some that go with them.

The new cine lenses are said to be compatible with both current and upcoming Sony professional camcorders. Unfortunately, the company has not revealed any information about pricing and availability.

red-motion-lens-mount Sony files patent infringement lawsuit against Red Digital News and Reviews

Red will release the Motion lens mount this fall. It will cost $4,500 and it will be compatible with the Epic and Scarlet professional camcorders.

Red Digital unveils the Motion lens mount system

On the other hand, Red has revealed the Motion lens mount for Epic and Scarlet cameras. This new mount system is aimed at reducing the effects of the CMOS rolling shutter, by eschewing artifacts and other defects.

The Red Motion mount release date is fall 2013 for a price of $4,500. More details will be revealed closer to the system’s launch date.

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