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First Sony QX1 photos and specs leaked on the web


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The first photos of the Sony Cyber-shot QX1 lens-style camera, which will allow users to mount E-mount lenses, have been leaked on the web, while confirming some of the device’s specifications.

Sony has recently registered the DSC-QX1 camera that looks like a lens in Russia. This would become the second QX-series model of the year, as the QX30 is also rumored to become official with a fixed 30x optical zoom lens.

The special thing about the QX1 is that the device will be an interchangeable lens camera, allowing users to attach E-mount optics to it. This means that it will become the first device of the line-up to support such functionality.

Ahead of Sony’s press event at IFA Berlin 2014, where both the QX1 and QX30 are expected to show up, a source has leaked a bunch of photos to confirm that the previous information is accurate.

sony-qx1-leaked First Sony QX1 photos and specs leaked on the web Rumors

A leaked photo of the Sony QX1 proves that this device will support E-mount lenses.

Sony QX1 photos appear online ahead of the lens-style camera’s official announcement

As it can be seen in the first Sony QX1 photos, the device will also be able to be mounted on smartphones and tablets. However, it will no longer offer just a fixed lens. Instead, the new lens-camera will be compatible with all the E-mount optics in the company’s line-up.

The leaked images are showing the new Cyber-shot lens-like camera mounted on the Sony Xperia Z3. This is an unannounced smartphone which might feature a curved 2/3-inch-type image sensor. Nevertheless, if you are interested in this handset, take this information with a grain of salt.

sony-qx1-e-mount-support First Sony QX1 photos and specs leaked on the web Rumors

Sony QX1 will feature an APS-C image sensor and will be compatible with all E-mount optics.

Early Sony QX1 specs point at a device that could be sold like hot pancakes

A detailed Sony QX1 specs list has not been provided. However, we can name a few things simply by looking at the leaked shots. The new lens-style camera will feature an APS-C image sensor, which could be identical to the one found in the A6000 and A5100.

Moreover, the device features built-in WiFi and NFC in order to allow users to connect to smartphones remotely and with a single touch, respectively.

The QX1 will also come packed with a flash, providing a helping hand in low-light environments. Content will be stored on a microSD card or directly in a smartphone’s internal memory or external storage.

sony-qx1-flash-leaked First Sony QX1 photos and specs leaked on the web Rumors

Sony QX1 will feature a built-in flash, illuminating subjects in low-light environments.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the new device will be released with a 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, although it will probably be sold as a body-only version, too.

One mystery that needs to be solved is whether the QX1 supports RAW shooting or not. This is one of the biggest shortcomings of the current generation and Sony really needs to fix it. We will find out everything on September 3, so stay tuned to Camyx!

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