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Sony QX30 camera shaped like a lens coming at IFA Berlin 2014


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Sony is rumored to unveil the new QX30 Cyber-shot lens-style camera on September 3 during a special press conference within the IFA 2014 trade fair taking place in Berlin, Germany.

IFA is a consumer electronics fair similar to the CES. It takes place annually in Berlin, Germany and it is usually the birth place of new devices, such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, cameras, and many others.

Sony has begun sending invitations to the event, confirming that its press conference will take place on September 3 at 16:15 local time. The invitation includes photos of some products and we have noticed that a QX-series lens-style camera has been thrown into the mix.

This could mean that the already-rumored QX30 lens-camera will be revealed during the show and will continue the legacy of the QX10 and QX100 shooters.

sony-ifa-2014 Sony QX30 camera shaped like a lens coming at IFA Berlin 2014 Rumors

This is the invitation to Sony’s press conference at IFA Berlin 2014. The event will take place on September 3 and the Sony QX30 lens-camera will likely make an official appearance at the show.

Sony QX30 camera that looks like a lens to be announced on September 3

Recently, the Sony QX30 has been registered on the website of South Korea’s Radio Research Agency (RRA) along with the A5100 E-mount mirrorless camera.

Such device has been mentioned prior to this leak. It has been said that the PlayStation maker is working on a new lens-style camera with a 30x optical zoom lens.

Both the name and the description are fitting the product, so we can assume that the QX30 is coming soon. This time, “soon” has a date and it seems like it has been scheduled for September 3.

The press invitation handed out by Sony to journalists comes with a lens-style camera. It would be unusual to advertise a product which is already available, therefore we may be looking at the QX30.

Other details have not been included, which means that you will stay to stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, the QX10 costs around $170 at Amazon and the QX100 is available for around $420 at the same retailer.

Sony Z3 / Z3X smartphone with a 2/3-inch-type curved sensor coming at IFA Berlin 2014, t00

Beside the QX30, Sony may also introduce the world’s first smartphone powered by a curved sensor. This technology has been discussed often, the company even saying that it is ready for the market.

Two versions of the curved image sensor have been announced: a full frame model and a 2/3-inch-type unit for smartphones, tablets, and entry-level compact cameras.

The so-called Xperia Z3 or Z3X smartphone might come with a 2/3-inch-type sensor, which will spark a new revolution on the digital imaging market.

Sony is believed to hold a major event sometime between August 22 and 28. However, sources have previously said that this event is aimed at photography enthusiasts, so we will probably get to see only new cameras and lenses, while the QX30 is coming at the IFA 2014 in Berlin.

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