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Sony QX30 lens-style camera registered in South Korea


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Sony might be preparing the launch of a new lens-style camera, as a device called DSC-QX30 has just been registered on the website of a South Korean agency. In addition, the A5100 mirrorless camera has been mentioned on the same site.

Much like Indonesia’s Postel, South Korea is home to the RRA or Radio Research Laboratory where companies must register their devices before releasing them on the local market.

Recently, Sony has registered the ILCE-5100 at Postel and the E-mount mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will be released on the market as the A5100.

Shortly after that, another mirrorless camera has been listed, too, the camera being this time an E-mount model with a full frame sensor that will join the A7 series.

Getting back to the ILCE-5100, Sony has also registered this camera in South Korea, too, on the official website of the RRA agency. While this is no longer a shocker, you will definitely be surprised to hear that the Japanese company has also submitted the DSC-QX30 for approval, which is most likely a new lens-style camera.

Sony DSC-QX30 Cyber-shot lens-style camera shows up on South Korean agency’s website

sony-dsc-qx30-registered Sony QX30 lens-style camera registered in South Korea Rumors

The Sony DSC-QX30 lens-style camera registered on the website of the South Korea-based RRA agency. The device could feature a 30x optical zoom lens and could be announced soon.

Sony launched the QX10 and QX100 Cyber-shot lens-style cameras back in September 2013. They are cameras which can be attached to smartphones or even tablets with the right accessories. The mobile devices are then used as viewfinders, allowing photographers to properly frame their shots.

The manufacturer has said that the QX-series has been a success therefore we can expect it to grow and to be further developed.

It seems like the company will keep its promise soon as the Sony QX30 has been registered at the RRA in South Korea, as stated above. This is proof that the device is in the works and that it is coming to the market in the future.

Sony QX30 could come packed with a 30x optical zoom lens

The specifications, announcement date, release date, and price details are unknown for the time being. However, it appears that the device will be made in China.

It is worth reminding that the rumor mill has previously said that a QX model with a 30x optical zoom lens is in the works, so this may well be it.

In the meantime, you can purchase the current generation at Amazon. The QX10 is available for merely $200, while the higher-end QX100 can be purchased for about $450.

With the Photokina 2014 quickly approaching, the Sony QX30 lens-style camera could be poised to make an official appearance soon, meaning that you should stay tuned to our website!

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