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Sony RX1-R specs will not include an AA filter


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After the Sony RX200 specs have been leaked on the web, the manual of the upcoming full frame RX1-R has also been uploaded on the web, revealing plenty of details.

The Sony RX2 has been supposed to replace the full-frame RX1. However, the rumor mill has backtracked this information, saying that the upcoming camera is merely a refresh of the original version and that not many things will be changed and that its name will be RX1-R.

sony-rx1-r-specs-leaked Sony RX1-R specs will not include an AA filter Rumors

Sony RX1-R’s manual has been leaked online. It contains all of the full frame camera’s specs, which are not different from those of the original RX1, as the rumor mill has discovered that the single difference between the cameras is the lack of an optical low-pass filter in the RX1-R.

Sony RX1-R manual appears on the web, anti-aliasing filter nowhere in sight

It appears that these details are accurate, as the Sony RX1-R manual has surfaced on the web. Weird enough, it is identical to the one of the original RX1, which is actually the first full frame compact camera with a fixed lens in the world.

The camera is scheduled to be announced June 27 along with the RX200 / RX100 MKII, while its release date is expected to occur in early September 2013. Either way, one might wonder why Sony is releasing the same camera twice. Well, the difference lies in the image sensor, which will not feature an anti-aliasing filter.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the Sony RX1-R specs list will not include an optical low-pass filter, as the Japan-based company is looking to allow photographers to capture sharper photos.

“High-resolution” Sony RX1-R is for the RX1 what the Nikon D800E is for the D800

It appears that the PlayStation maker will advertise the device as a “high-resolution” camera and the corporation will most likely hope to attract as much attention as Nikon with the D800E.

Nikon is one of the few digital camera makers which is giving up on the conventional OLPF. The D800 features a 36.3-megapixel sensor with an AA filter, while the D800E, which has been released shortly after its brother, does not have a AA filter.

Moreover, the latest 1 system mirrorless cameras have given up on the AA filter, just like the recently-introduced D7100. While Nikon is leading this trend, it appears that Sony is catching up.

Sony RX1-R specs list will be virtually similar to the one of the original full frame RX1 camera

Sony RX1-R will feature a full frame 24.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, 35mm f/2.0 lens, 3-inch 1,228K-dot LCD screen, full HD video recording, and Eye-Fi SD card support.

Meanwhile, the Sony RX1 is available for purchase at both Adorama and Amazon for the same price of $2,798. For the time being, the Sony RX1-R price remains unknown.

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