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Sony RX10 coming soon between RX1R and RX100 II cameras


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Sony RX10 is rumored to become the company’s next fixed-lens camera that will sit between the RX1R and the RX100 II shooters.

Sony may not stop launching new digital cameras by the end of 2013 even though it has announced multiple devices in recent months. The RX1R and RX100 II have been unveiled earlier this year, while the A3000 has just been introduced.

Moreover, the Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 lens-style cameras are actually lenses with built-in sensors that use smartphone screens as Live View modes. All of these have come from Sony, a company which is said to introduce the A7 / ILCE-7 and A79 soon, too.

sony-rx1r Sony RX10 coming soon between RX1R and RX100 II cameras Rumors

Sony RX1R is a full frame camera with a fixed zoom lens. Photographers can find the RX100 II directly beneath it. However, there is still space between the two and it seems like it will be filled by the so-called Sony RX10.

Sony RX10 rumored to be introduced soon

It seems like more products are coming by the end of 2013. One of these shooters is called Sony RX10 and it will be a camera with a fixed-lens, just like the RX1R and the RX100 II.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the RX10 will be situated between the aforementioned duo, fact which suggests that it will not borrow the specs found in the DSC-QX10.

The DSC-QX100 module shares the same image sensor and lens as the RX100 II. However, the QX10 sports lower-end features, so it will not be possible to share its specifications with the rumored camera.

RX10 to compete against cameras from Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon, and Ricoh

It appears that Sony has set its mind on a powerful list of competitors. The RX10 will be forced to rival the Fujifilm X100S, Nikon Coolpix A, Canon G1X, and the Ricoh GR.

Although not all of these devices have been successful, they are still the best in their class and the PlayStation maker will have to do a lot of work to persuade customers to choose its product over the others.

Unfortunately, the rumor mill does not specify any features, though more details should be leaked soon.

Huge price gap between cheapest and most expensive camera in this category

Getting back to the competition, the Canon G1X is available at Amazon for $599, while the Fujifilm X100S can be purchased for $1,599. Between these two, the Nikon Coolpix A sits at a cozy $1,096.95 price and the Ricoh GR can be yours for $796.95.

The full frame RX1R is sold for $2,798 by the same retailer and the RX100 II can be bought for $748. Now, it remains to be seen whether the Sony RX10 is real or not. If it is, then it will be interesting to learn its specs and market value.

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