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Sony RX100 IV coming soon with Micro Four Thirds sensor


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Sony is rumored to launch a Mark IV version of the RX100 compact camera and to put a Micro Four Thirds sensor into the shooter in order to compete against the Panasonic LX100.

Panasonic has been praised for a couple of its recent fixed-lens cameras thanks to their features, design, and price tag. The LX100 took on the Sony RX100 III, while the FZ1000 received more praises than the Sony RX10.

So far, Sony has not reacted in any way, but earlier this month it has been rumored that the company may introduce a new RX camera. The RX2 with a curved full-frame sensor was said to be the device, while an RX100 IV was supposed to be unnecessary. However, it seems like the PlayStation maker will indeed react by launching a Mark IV version of the RX100, while the future of the RX2 remains in doubt.

sony-rx100-iii Sony RX100 IV coming soon with Micro Four Thirds sensor Rumors

Sony may join the Micro Four Thirds sector with the RX100 III replacement, called RX100 IV, that is believed to feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Sony RX100 IV rumored to feature a Micro Four Thirds image sensor

A reliable source, who has provided correct information in the past, is claiming that Sony is actively testing an RX-series compact camera. The new model is said to resemble the RX100 III, but it is larger and it employs a bigger sensor.

The product fits the description of a Sony RX100 IV, which means that it contradicts earlier rumors. Moreover, the size of its image sensor is rumored to be very close to the size of the Panasonic LX100 sensor: a Micro Four Thirds model.

Until its release, the source says that the compact camera will not be released soon due to overheating of the improved BIONZ X image processor. The heating problems may be the result of Sony’s attempt to make the RX100 IV to record 4K videos, just like the LX100.

It is worth noting that the A6000 replacement, called A7000, is also rumored to come out in 2015 with improved sensor and processor combination in order to record 4K videos. Just like the Sony RX100 IV, the A7000 is said to be have some overheating issues.

A couple of Micro Four Thirds sensors have been announced by Sony

In the meantime, Sony has confirmed the development of three new sensors. One of them is an APS-C sensor with 24 megapixels and it suits the description of an A7000 mirrorless camera.

The other two, however, are Micro Four Thirds sensors. A sensor offers 20 megapixels, while the other one is a 16-megapixel unit.

One Micro Four Thirds image sensor will most likely be used in the Sony RX100 IV, but it remains to be determined which one. All you can do for now is to stay tuned and to wait for further details!

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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