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Sony RX100 Mark IV with Micro Four Thirds sensor is real, source says


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A reliable source has revealed that the Sony RX100 Mark IV is real and that it features a Micro Four Thirds sensor, while the size of the compact camera will remain similar to the one of its predecessor.

In mid-April 2015, the rumor mill claimed that Sony was actually working on a new RX100 camera, although previous information had suggested that this was not the case. More reports about a Mark IV version of the RX100 are coming out ahead of the April 23 product launch event and it seems like the compact camera exists and that it has a Micro Four Thirds sensor, as initially reported. Moreover, the device will not get a lot bigger, as its dimensions will remain almost identical to the dimensions of the RX100 Mark III.

panasonic-lx100 Sony RX100 Mark IV with Micro Four Thirds sensor is real, source says Rumors

Panasonic LX100 camera features a Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is bigger than the sensor of the Sony RX100 III. Sony will fix this shortcoming in the RX100 IV, which will have a larger m4/3 sensor.

Source: Sony RX100 Mark IV compact camera will feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor

The successor to the RX100 III will be called Sony RX100 Mark IV and it will come packed with a Micro Four Thirds sensor.

Panasonic LX100 has been launched as a rival for the RX100 III, but the Micro Four Thirds camera is regarded as a better version than the Sony model. The primary reason is the sensor, which is larger than the 1-inch-type found in the Cybershot camera.

Moreover, the LX100 offers 4K video recording, whereas the Sony shooter does not. It would not be a surprise if the Sony RX100 Mark IV were to capture 4K videos in order to draw some attention away from the Panasonic camera.

Mark IV version of the Sony RX100 will retain the size and the weight of the Mark III model

The source, who has released accurate information in the past, is also claiming that the design of the Sony RX100 Mark IV will not be very different from the one of its forerunner.

In fact, the new model will be just a bit bigger, while having a similar weight. This would be a great achievement and it would allow the RX100-series to remain pocketable despite the increase in sensor size.

Unfortunately, the leakster has been unable to confirm the camera’s announcement date. Sony will hold a product launch event on April 23, 2015, but the presence of the RX100 IV is not a certainty.

This rumor is backed up by official information, as Sony has recently added a couple of Micro Four Thirds sensors to its sensor line-up: a 20-megapixel model and a 16-megapixel model.

Source: SonyAlphaRumors.

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