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Sony RX100M3 camera mentioned in leaked AG-R2 grip manual


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A page taken directly from the manual of a Sony AG-R2 attachment grip is mentioning the unannounced Sony RX100M3 amid rumors that the compact camera is coming soon.

The rumor mill is tirelessly working to provide the latest information about the announcements we can expect in the neighboring future. Sony is reportedly working on a replacement for the RX100M2, which will be referred to as RX200.

The RX100M2 has replaced the RX100 only one year after its introduction. Naturally, industry watchers are already thinking that the Japanese manufacturer will launch a successor for it this year and now we can provide the first proof that an RX200 is coming indeed.

It will not be called RX200, Sony going instead for the RX100M3 codename which has showed up in a leaked manual of an accessory for the RX100 series.

Sony RX100M3 compact camera spotted in leaked manual of an attachment grip

sony-ag-r2-leaked-manual Sony RX100M3 camera mentioned in leaked AG-R2 grip manual Rumors

This a page from the leaked manual of the Sony AG-R2 attachment grip. The accessory will also be compatible with the RX100M3 compact camera.

Sony is developing an attachment grip for the RX100 cameras. The AG-R2 accessory will be aimed at the RX100 series of compact cameras that includes the original model and the RX100M2. However, the manual of the grip also specifies the Sony RX100M3 and it is easy to tell which device is it.

The AG-R2 attachment grip will provide a more comfortable grip when holding the cameras and it is trying to make it look like the one of a DSLR camera. Since the manual has been received from a very reliable source, we can safely assume that Sony has chosen the “RX100M3” name instead of “RX200”.

Sony’s new camera could employ 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 lens

In the leaked manual viewers can also see how to attach the grip. Weirdly enough, Sony has selected a sketch that does not resemble the RX100, nor the RX100M2. This leaves us with only one option: the RX100M3.

The lens looks different and there is a good chance that the Japan-based corporation will add the recently-patented 28-100mm f/1.8-2.8 OSS lens into its new compact shooter.

The new optic is a lot faster than the previous 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 model. At the wide-angle end, things are identical, but the 100mm telephoto end could have a maximum aperture of f/2.8.

New Sony gear poised for early May 2014 announcement

Although the announcement has been rumored to take place sometime in the summer, now the rumor mill is claiming that it might occur in early May.

The Sony A77II is also coming at the beginning of May 2014 along with a 16-50mm f/2.8 lens. It appears to be a busy period for the company, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the RX100M2 for less than $700 and the RX100 for less than $450.

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