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Sony RX1s compact camera coming soon with curved sensor


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Sony is rumored to announce a new RX-series compact camera, called, RX1s, with a curved full frame sensor, which may or may not serve as a replacement for the RX1R.

Another revolutionary digital imaging technology might become available on the market in the near future. Sony is rumored to reveal the first digital camera with a curved image sensor in the body of the RX1s soon.

Sony poised to announce first camera with a curved image sensor soon

sony-curved-sensor-photo Sony RX1s compact camera coming soon with curved sensor Rumors

This is the first photo ever taken with the final version of Sony’s curved sensor. The RX1s is rumored to be a compact camera featuring the curved sensor used for capturing this shot.

Sony has been rumored to be working on a camera with a curved image sensor for a long time. The Japan-based company has patented such sensors in the past and most of them have showed up on the web.

Recently, the PlayStation maker has introduced the technology to the public. It consists of a curved full frame sensor for compact cameras as well as a smaller model for smartphones and tablets.

Shortly after the announcement, the manufacturer has presented the first photo captured by an unnamed device featuring curved sensor technology.

Now, it is rumor mill’s turn to reveal something. According to a source, a Sony RX1s compact camera is in development and will be announced soon sporting the aforementioned curved full frame image sensor.

Sony RX1s compact camera to feature Zeiss 35mm f/1.8 lens

The specs of the Sony RX1s are mostly unknown. However, the compact camera is believed to sport a 35mm lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.8. Such optic has also been patented by Sony and it would fit the company’s description about its curved sensor.

When it unveiled this technology, the manufacturer has confirmed that the sensor does not go well with zoom lenses. The RX1 and RX1R have a 35mm f/2 lens, so it would make sense for their successor to sport a slightly improved optic, especially considering the fact that the curved sensor “loves” lenses with fixed focal lengths.

Zeiss will make the lens and its internal design will be much simpler than the one of conventional optics, which also means that the size and weight will be greatly reduced.

Another confirmation is the fact that vignetting and chromatic aberration are non-existent and the sensor is definitely ready to enter the market.

RX1s to rival Sony A7S’ sensitivity performance

Going back to the gossip talks, it is rumored that the Sony RX1s compact camera will come close to the Sony A7S mirrorless camera in terms of sensitivity performance.

The 4K-ready A7S offers a maximum ISO of 409,200, which is essentially giving users night-vision. The Japanese company has revealed that the curved sensor has excellent noise performance and that its resolution is smaller than the one of flat full frame sensors.

The resemblances with the A7S are uncanny, so the RX1s appears to be a very exciting device. These are all the details for now, but stay tuned for more!

Meanwhile, the Sony RX1R is available at Amazon for around $2,800.

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