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Sony RX2 full frame camera coming at the end of August


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A recent report has revealed that Sony will respond to the upcoming Leica Mini M with the launch of a full frame RX camera that will be launched at the end of August.

Leica is actively preparing the final details for June 11, when the Germany-based company will introduce the Mini M, which will be known as the X Vario Type 107 by the time it reaches retail stores.

Despite the fact that Sony is still trying to figure its future roadmap, it appears that the Japanese manufacturer will not remain too far behind but it issues at least a couple of responses to Leica.

sony-rx2-full-frame-camera Sony RX2 full frame camera coming at the end of August Rumors

A new full frame RX camera is rumored to be announced by Sony at the end of August. The shooter may be called RX2 and it might replace the RX1, but these details have not been confirmed yet.

Sony RX2 full frame and RX200 / RX100 MKII compact cameras to become official this summer

The first answer will be the next-generation RX100, which may be called Sony RX200 or RX100 MKII. However, the second answer consists of a full frame RX camera that may or may not replace the RX1 and which may go by the name of RX2.

Sources are claiming that the RX200 / RX100 MKII is scheduled for an “end of June” release date, while the other RX camera will officially meet the public in late August.

There are little known details about both of the shooters, but it is becoming more clear that the next-generation RX cameras will be announced this summer.

Sony RX2 and RX200 specs lists need more polishing

The Sony RX200 will feature WiFi and an articulated LCD screen among others. On the other hand, the Sony RX2 will come packed with a full frame image sensor and a fixed lens, just like the RX1.

This is all the information for now, therefore a lot of speculation is expected in the near future.

Sony RX1 and RX100 continue to be sold without significant discounts

Meanwhile, the Sony RX100 is available for purchase at Amazon for $648. Unfortunately, there is no discount, which usually means that a successor is pretty far from being launched, though it is worth noting that it is still unclear in what category the RX100 MKII will be included.

On the other hand, the Sony RX1 can be bought for a price of $2,798 at Amazon. Once again, no reduction for this camera, therefore it remains to be seen whether the Sony RX2 rumors are true or false.

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