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Sony RX200 manual photos appear online, confirming specs


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The Sony RX200 manual has surfaced on the web, confirming several new features of the camera, which is rumored to be announced on June 27.

Although we heard about the Sony RX200 earlier this year, the rumors have intensified in recent times, as the camera is preparing to become official on June 27.

The company is rumored to hold a special event at the end of June, where multiple devices, including a Cybershot smartphone, will be introduced to the market.

sony-rx200-manual-images-leaked Sony RX200 manual photos appear online, confirming specs Rumors

A couple of images of the Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII have showed up on the web. It appears that the upcoming camera will feature a tilting screen, among other interesting specs.

Sony RX200 manual images leaked on the web

One of the “certainties” of the launch event is the RX200, which also goes by the name of RX100 MKII. At the time being it is unknown whether it is actually replacing the RX100 or if it is a part of a brand new series.

Either way, some photos of its manual have been leaked on the web, thus sustaining some of the camera’s leaked features.

sony-rx200-manual-photos-leaked Sony RX200 manual photos appear online, confirming specs Rumors

One of the leaked Sony RX200 manual shots has revealed that the camera will feature a hot shoe and WiFi. The camera is expected to be announced at the end of June.

Sony RX200 / RX100 MKII to feature WiFi, tilting display, and hot shoe mount

The RX100 is still highly regarded as one of the best cameras which can be placed in a pocket, but the RX200 will be a whole lot better, thanks to a few key specs. It appears that Sony is listening to its customers, as the new shooter will feature built-in WiFi, a hot shoe mount, and a tilting display.

Most recent cameras have WiFi access, because consumers want to share their photos. Additionally, a tilting screen could be useful in direct sunlight, as well as when taking portrait shots. There is an integrated flash, but external strobes are much more powerful and the hot shoe will definitely come in handy.

Moreover, the RX100 MKII will keep the 1-inch 20-megapixel image sensor found in the current generation, meaning that Sony has designed the new device based on the success of the RX100 compact camera, while fixing three major shortcomings.

Sony RX1-R, aka RX2, to be announced on June 27, alongside RX100 MKII and Mobile Cybershot

Sources have also revealed that the new full frame RX camera will be called RX1-R, instead of RX2, and that it is coming at the end of the month, too.

This means that Sony is cooking up three devices, including the RX100 MKII, RX1-R, and the Mobile Cybershot. The trio will be powered by the new Honami JPEG engine and will put the company back on the edge of glory.

Sony RX100 is currently available at Amazon for $648, while the RX1 costs $2,798 at the same retailer.

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