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Sony RX200 release date rumored for June, again


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Sony is rumored once again to introduce an RX100 replacement in June, in the body of a camera called RX200 which should feature “revolutionary” specs.

Earlier this year, sources in China have revealed that the Sony RX200 will be released during the first week of June. Unfortunately, we currently find ourselves in this period and there is a single day left for this rumor to become a reality.

sony-rx200-release-date-rumor Sony RX200 release date rumored for June, again Rumors

Sony RX100 is rumored to be replaced by the RX200 as early as the end of June. The upcoming compact camera will be powered by a new CMOS image sensor, but will also feature WiFi and a tilting LCD screen.

Sony RX100 replacement definitely coming in June, sources say

Even though the previous reports have been denied by trusted sources, the gossip talk is back and it says that the RX100 successor is definitely scheduled to be launched in June 2013.

Inside information claims that Sony has abandoned the RX100, in order to focus on the future, which consists of replacements for the NEX-7 and RX100.

Sony 2013 roadmap is “poor” when compared to the 2014 one

The company’s 2013 roadmap does not include too many cameras. As established on a previous date, the PlayStation manufacturer is aiming at a major overhaul of the digital camera business.

There will be no full frame A-mount cameras released in 2013 because three of them are scheduled to be launched throughout 2014. The upcoming devices will be powered by the same five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization technology found in some Olympus cameras.

Furthermore, future Sony shooters will have access to Zuiko lenses, as the Olympus partnership is being put to good use.

Sony RX200 specs include new sensor and WiFi

As for 2013, the rumor mill is convinced that multiple cameras will still be revealed this year. The NEX-5r successor will be announced in August along with a NEX-7 replacement.

The more important news is that another high-end compact camera will be introduced soon. If the rumor mill is right, then the Sony RX200 is coming soon, along with specs that include a brand new CMOS image sensor, built-in WiFi, and an articulated LCD screen.

Previously, the compact shooter has been thought to sport an integrated pop-up viewfinder. Anyway, the certain thing is that the RX100 is still available at retailers, such as Amazon, so there is a long way before we can pronounce it “dead”.

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