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Sony RX200 to succeed RX100 this summer with pop-up viewfinder


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Sony is rumored to announce a successor for the RX100 digital camera, which will be called RX200, in the summer of 2013 with an interesting set of specs.

It is very unlikely that Sony will abandon the digital camera market, despite the fact that things are not going too well. One of the first cameras that is rumored to be announced during the remaining months of 2013 consists of a successor for the RX100.

sony-rx100-successor Sony RX200 to succeed RX100 this summer with pop-up viewfinder Rumors

Sony RX200 will be released as a successor to the RX100 compact camera in June 2013. The camera will feature a revolutionary built-in pop-up viewfinder and a 28-140mm f/1.4-2.2 lens.

Sony RX200 to be announced this summer along with a”revolutionary” integrated pop-up viewfinder

Sources say that the Japanese company is working on a new camera called RX200. It is said that the compact shooter will come packed with some unique features, that are not available in other shooters.

The Sony RX200 will feature a revolutionary built-in pop-up viewfinder, says the leakster. It will act pretty much like a pop-up flash, which will also be present in the camera.

However, no explanation is given regarding how this feature will work. This is a very interesting functionality, which could revolutionize the compact camera market, but information is too scarce to draw a conclusion at this moment.

Sony adding very fast 28-140mm f/1.4-2.2 lens to the mix in June 2013

Sony will not change the body of the shooter. Instead, the company will redesign the internal hardware as well as the integrated lens. The RX200 will pack a brand new 28-140mm lens with 5x optical zoom, that will offer a fast aperture of 1.4-2.2 in concordance with the focal length.

Once again, there are too few details about the camera. It is rumored that the Sony RX200 release date will occur sometime after the device’s announcement event, which will take place during the first week of June.

Camera between Sony RX1 and RX100 may still be announced soon

Sony RX100 is a pretty expensive shooter. It is available at Amazon for a price of $648, but it does offer a 20.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor, full HD video recording at 60p, 3-inch LCD screen, a slim body, and a 29-105mm f/1.8-4.9 lens.

Previously, Sony has discussed the possibility of releasing a camera between the RX100 and the ultra-expensive RX1, which may be called RX10. The RX200 is the successor of the RX100, therefore it cannot represent the shooter discussed by the company’s employee earlier in 2012.

Anyway, Sony fans should not hold their breath over both of the rumored cameras, as it may take a while before the company releases them or the company might not launch them at all.

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