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CES 2015: Sony X1000V 4K and AS200V cameras announced


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Sony has launched a couple of compact action cameras at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. The new HDR-AS200V captures full HD videos, while the FDR-X1000V can record footage at 4K resolution.

As consumers are getting more and more into 4K technology, digital camera makers must provide solutions for the users who want to capture footage at such high resolution.

One of the companies which has already jumped on this bandwagon is Sony. The PlayStation maker is offering the A7S mirrorless camera that can record 4K videos using an external recorder.

Things are a bit different in the action camera market, where the company has not been very active in the high-end segment. This problem has been solved at CES 2015, where the FDR-X1000V has met the public as an action camera that shoots videos at 4K resolution.

sony-x1000v CES 2015: Sony X1000V 4K and AS200V cameras announced News and Reviews

Sony X1000V is a new action cam that records videos at 4K resolution.

Sony X1000V takes on the GoPro Hero4 with 4K video recording support

Sony has announced the FDR-X1000V as the company’s most advanced point-of-view action camera. The new shooter comes with a splash-proof design, allowing users to record videos in poor weather conditions.

One of the most impressive features of the Sony X1000V is actually borrowed from the 4K-ready A7S mirrorless camera: full pixel readout. This system provides a way for the camera to read as well as process all the data from the entire amount of pixels found on the sensor.

Full pixel readout also means that all videos will be very detailed as well as smooth. This action cam supports MP4 and XAVC-S codecs, the latter meaning that it supports a 100Mbps bitrate in this case.

The Sony X1000V records videos at 3840 x 2160 pixels and 30fps. It is also packing improved SteadyShot image stabilization technology and can output 4K videos to 4K TV via a HDMI cable.

According to the manufacturer, the action cam will be released on the market in March for $500, a price which includes a waterproof case so that users can take it underwater.

sony-as200v CES 2015: Sony X1000V 4K and AS200V cameras announced News and Reviews

Introduced at CES 2015, the Sony AS200V action cam can shoot videos up to full HD resolution.

Sony AS200V is a compact and affordable action camera for the masses

Sony has also unveiled the HDR-AS200V, a model which replaces the HDR-AS100V. The new version is here with improved image quality as well as with some of the features found in the FDR-X1000V.

The list of features shared by the AS200V and the X1000V include full pixel readout, MP4 codec support, built-in GPS, enhanced SteadyShot technology, and clean HDMI output.

The new Sony AS200V is capable of recording full HD videos at up to 60fps and at a bitrate of 50Mbps.

Its release date has been scheduled for March 2015 for a price of $300, which includes a waterproof casing, too.

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