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Youngsters and elders swapping clothes in Spring-Autumn series


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Singapore-based photographer Qozop captures portrait photos of regular people and invites them to switch their clothes in order to get a better idea of how people perceive them.

Many consider that Earth is over-populated with humans. We are not here to get into debates, but we should not ignore the fact that it is harder and harder to find originality and inspiration in newer photo projects.

Thankfully, people such as Qozop exist. The Singapore-based photographer says that there is nothing special about himself or herself as an artist, other than a sickness that makes him or her continuously take photos.

Photographer Qozop invites youngsters to swap clothes with their elder relatives

Qozop’s creative and pretty fun project is called “Spring-Autumn” and there is a good reason for this. The photo series consists of portraits of young and old people who have just swapped clothes.

Apparently, this is a means to find out how people perceive themselves and others. Humans spend a lot of time finding themselves, but it should also be important to find out how other people perceive us.

The clothing-swapping does not occur in random people. Actually, it consists of young folks lending their outfits to their elder relatives and vice-versa.

Photographer Qozop first captures photos of the subjects in their regular clothes. Artistically-speaking, the images are simply great as they are. However, they turn into a masterpiece once the outfits are swapped and original poses are reproduced.

“Spring-Autumn” portrait photo series reminds us how quickly fashion changes

It is not an easy task to convince youngsters to switch clothes with the elders. A battle of distant generations takes place, but no blood has been shed in the making of this photo series.

“Spring-Autumn” might put a big smile on our face, just like the one kids have when they notice the clothes older people wear. However, they should wipe that big smile of their faces because fashion changes and you never know what used to be cool decades ago.

Jokes aside, the artist’s official Facebook page contains little personal information. We would love to learn more about Qozop, as the other project on the site, called “Begone, Behind, Beyond”, consists of intriguing architecture photos that are also worth a closer look.

Meanwhile, enjoy this collection and decide for yourself whether fashion is as important as some people would want us to believe or not.

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