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Squito is a throwable camera capturing panoramic images


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Inventor Steve Hollinger has patented a throwable camera, capable of recording stabilized videos and panorama photos, called Squito.

Photographers have fun when taking photos. Maybe not every time, but most of the times they enjoy themselves. Inventor Steve Hollinger believes that fun levels can be taken one step further with the help of Squito, a throwable panoramic camera.

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Squito throwable camera ball uses three image sensors to capture a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings. It also features an infrared sensor and wireless technology.

Inventor reveals Squito, a throwable panoramic camera with major implications in multiple fields

The device is currently a prototype, but a couple of patents have already been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Squito is described as a camera ball with trajectory control support, aimed at reconnaissance and recreation among others.

The camera takes photos each time the photographer throws it, but it can be used for recording stabilized videos as well. This could have enormous implications in search and rescue scenarios, when firefighters are looking for people in a burning house or to help a lost kitty.

Squito captures 360-degree panorama photos and sends them to a nearby computer via wireless

Squito features several orientation sensors to calculate its position and trajectory. This way it can process the photos and output stable images. Moreover, three image sensors are there, in order to capture a 360-degree panorama view.

Other sensors found in the camera include an infrared one, which could be useful in dark environments. If you are wondering how the images will reach the owner, then you should be aware that Squito is equipped with wireless technology.

Creator demos technology and looks to collaborate with camera companies or investors

Boston-based Steve Hollinger says that the camera can be used for multiple purposes, including sports, reconnaissance, photography, 3D mapping, search and rescue, as well as a tool for first responders.

The inventor has even posted a video on YouTube explaining the capabilities of the device and inviting companies to take a look at it and, why not, licensing the technology.

The video shows that the camera can be reimagined. Squito is a good way to remind us that and it remains to be seen whether investors will give Mr. Hollinger a helping hand or he will have to look elsewhere.

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