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STABiLGO aims to stabilize your GoPro Hero cameras


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Two New Yorkers, called Michael and Christine, have created a motorized stabilizer, à la MōVI, which is aimed at GoPro Hero camera users and called STABiLGO.

As today’s cameras are capable of recording high-quality videos, the next step in the evolution of personal videography is pro-grade image stabilization systems.

Gimbals have been around for a very long time, but they have been based on very expensive technology. Ever since MōVI has been announced, a lot of people have started exploring more affordable options.

stabilgo STABiLGO aims to stabilize your GoPro Hero cameras News and Reviews

STABiLGO is a handheld motorized stabilizer aimed at steadying videos captured with GoPro Hero cameras.

Since GoPro is a popular shooter for action photography, films captured with the Hero cameras must be more stable and people are starting to come up with affordable solutions.

STABiLGO motorized stabilizer for GoPro Hero cameras now available through Kickstarter

Michael and Christine, two folks living in New York, think that they have got the perfect solution for stabilizing GoPro videos. They called it STABiLGO and they put it on Kickstarter, in order to raise the required funds to start manufacturing and selling the product.

In order to “understand” something from a video, it must be stabilized one way or another and this is what Michael and Christine are trying to accomplish. STABiLGO is a motorized stabilizer, which is both lightweight and very easy to handle.

Lightweight handheld stabilizer can be mounted on a tripod, too

The technology uses a fast processor and a gyroscope to keep the camera steady, both horizontally and vertically. The camera will remain in place no matter how shaky your hands are.

Additionally, the STABiLGO can be mounted on a tripod, though its creators have admitted that it is mainly aimed to function as a handheld device, since it weighs merely 1.5 lbs with the camera attached to it.

Project requires Kickstarter funding to become a dream come true

There are only two things that GoPro Hero owners must do. First is to check out a side-by-side footage of stabilized and unstable Hero, and the other one to donate because the entire project is at stake.

There are about 13 days to go until the project’s completion. More than $32,000 have been raised, but the goal has been set at $100,000.

As stated above, take a closer look at the project on Kickstarter and see for yourself whether the “game changer” description is accurate or not.

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