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Foster children overcome adversity in “Stories Worth Telling”


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Photographer Rob Woodcox is aiming to raise awareness of the difficulties that foster children go through with the help of “Stories Worth Telling” about children who overcome dangerous situations in order to get to safety.

Nobody can understand exactly what children who are abused by their parents or caretakers are going through, unless they have experienced it first hand. Sometimes people forget that such children exist and they are oblivious to their issues.

Photographer Rob Woodcox wants to refresh people’s memories with a photo series called “Stories Worth Telling” depicting children in danger, but who manage to get to safety, as a means to raise awareness of foster children and to let these kids know that better times are ahead.

Rob Woodcox raising awareness of foster children through “Stories Worth Telling”

The surreal photos captured by Rob Woodcox are meant to tell the story of foster children as if they are undergoing a journey from sorrow to happiness.

The photographer believes that people are more sensitive to these beautiful stories. Furthermore, he wants the children to feel like their life is also an adventure, instead of making them feel like they will struggle forever.

“Stories Worth Telling” does not feature foster kids because their identities must not be revealed. The subjects are models or even volunteers, who have been kind enough to participate in this project.

All the models have done a wonderful job in this ethereal world where good triumphs over evil, offering hope to the foster children.

Every bit of help is more than welcomed

Rob Woodcox is based in Oregon and it is worth noting that he knows exactly what these children are going through. The artist has been rescued from abuse during his childhood.

All the dark days have been put behind after his adoption, but the photographer wants to raise awareness in order to make sure that the children in need get the help they deserve.

“Stories Worth Telling” should shed a light over adoptions and volunteers, who make the lives of the kids a lot better. Foster parents who can mentor the children or those who can donate to foster camps are helping a lot, too, so do not hesitate to contribute.

Motivation aside, the photos are simply great, therefore we can only be grateful that Rob Woodcox has found his passion for photography. More pictures as well as details can be found at his official website.

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