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Stunning aerial photos in the “Summer over the city” project by George Steinmetz


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“Summer over the city” is a fantastic photo project which consists of aerial images of New York City captured from a helicopter by world-renowned photographer George Steinmetz.

Photographer George Steinmetz is a master when it comes to aerial photography. The artist has demonstrated his aerial prowess by revealing amazing pictures of dozens of countries captured from his paraglider.

Steinmetz is based in New Jersey, but he has not offered very many aerial shots captured in the surrounding areas. This is why the photographer has decided to correct this shortcoming, courtesy of the “Summer over the city” project, which consists of stunning aerial images of New York City.

George Steinmetz reveals New York City’s summer vibe in “Summer over the city” photo project

Although his favorite transportation tool is a paraglider, George Steinmetz has been “forced” to ditch it in favor of a helicopter.

Things are put in a different light when captured from above, so the photographer has been determined to capture the sheer beauty of New York City and neighboring areas.

The photos have been taken during the summer, in order to make sure that the cityscapes will be filled with vibrant people and colors. In “Summer over the city”, the results are simply amazing, showing why George Steinmetz is a critically-acclaimed photographer.

Artist says that he will notice some interesting things during post-processing

The artist mentioned that things can be too vibrant sometimes, as he has captured a person making breakfast without wearing any clothes. However, in order to respect the person’s privacy, the photo has not been published.

Such things are something that you do not notice until you are post-processing the shots, says George Steinmetz.

The photos show that New Yorkers are very active during the summer. They like to go sunbathing, playing sports, dancing, or simply engage in all kinds of activities.

More information about photographer George Steinmetz

George Steinmetz is an award-winning photographer. His work is constantly featured in National Geographic as well as many other magazines from all over the world.

He has documented unknown areas and tribes around the globe, including the Irian Jaya people. Steinmetz has also explored the Gobi and Sahara deserts in programs which have been featured on National Geographic.

As stated above, the photographer is widely-recognized around the world and has won prizes in numerous contests, such as the World Press Photo Awards.

More photos and details about the “Summer over the city” project can be found at The New Yorker’s website, while the author’s portfolio is available at his personal website.

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