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Super Flemish: portraits of superheros envisioned as paintings


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Photographer Sacha Goldberger has created the “Super Flemish” project which consists of portrait photos of subjects dressed as superheros and villains imagined as 16th century paintings.

People will always be fascinated by movie or comic book characters. We will all have our favorite superheros or even villains, referring to the latter as misunderstood and the same thing will apply to our descendants.

Photographers have delved into the SciFi world for years and they are not going to stop, which is a good thing. The latest project to feature superheros is called “Super Flemish”. It is the work of France-based photographer Sacha Goldberger and it consists of comic book characters envisioned as Flemish paintings.

Incredible portraits of superheros and villains re-imagined as 16th century paintings

Most superheros and villains are looking to keep their identity a secret, like SpiderMan and The Joker. Photographer Sacha Goldberger is aiming to allow people to get to know these characters and to see another side of them, one that does not revolve around saving or destroying the world.

The Flemish paintings are some of the most appreciated artworks of all time, therefore they are a great way of exposing the identities of the superheros and the villains.

“Super Flemish” consists of portraits demonstrating the these beings have worries of their own and they are exposing the sadness in their hearts. This melancholy is sometimes caused by the fact that they need to hide their identities and to handle their pressure on their shoulders by themselves.

However, there are others such as Iron Man, who do not care if the entire world knows who they are. Still, even Tony Stark has problems of his own, so he has decided to be a part of the “Super Flemish” project.

Sacha Goldberger’s “Super Flemish” projects took two years to complete

This photo series is the result of months of hard work, which has paid off in the end, as Sacha Goldberger’s “Super Flemish” has been featured in an exhibition in Paris.

The team behind the project consisted of 12 people, who were responsible for the make-up, costumes, hairstyle, and retouching.

According to the photographer, all the costumes have been crafted specially for this project. All subjects have had to endure hours of preparation, but after two years of the series’ inception, it has been completed and the prints have been shown to the public.

More photos and details about “Super Flemish” can be found at the artist’s personal website.

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