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Amusing photos of the adventures of Super Pringle


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Photographer Sophie Hayes is detailing the adventures of her cute bearded dragon, called Pringle, across Melbourne, Australia in the “Super Pringle” photo series.

After the exciting adventures of the dog Wolfgang as well as the adventures of 10-month-old Theodore, it is time to join the ride with Pringle, a bearded dragon which loves to do all kinds of cool stuff.

His nickname is Super Pringle, which is also the name given by Sophie Hayes to the Tumblr blog detailing the adventures of this cute bearded dragon living in Melbourne, Australia, the place where most of his shenanigans are taking place.

Super Pringle: a bearded dragon with an appetite for shenanigans

When you organize a chain of events accordingly, you get a true adventure. This helps the viewers, the readers, or the listeners to relate to the characters and they will grow quite fond of those events in the end.

We have featured lots of special characters, such as Wolf and Theodore, but there is always room for more. Today, we are introducing to you Pringle, the bearded dragon that has vowed to never put an end to his shenanigans.

Sophie Hayes, his owner, is always there to capture it all on camera, in order to prove to his followers that the pet stays true to his words.

Most of the adventures of Super Pringle occur in Melbourne, Australia, where the dragon resides with his owner. However, Pringle also loves to travel, a bike being his favorite means of transportation.

Be careful now or you may be arrested by officer Pringle!

Among the things loved by Pringle, we can find gaming. The dragon loves Pokemon and he even has a portable Nintendo console, as well as a Poke Ball, albeit he has failed to capture any monsters so far.

In addition, Super Pringle loves to play games figuratively, meaning that he will pose as a police officer. For this role, the bearded dragon will show off its badge as well as some handcuffs, so be careful to obey the law or you will be arrested.

Once you break the law, you might not even get arrested, as this tiny reptile will hunt you down with his bow and arrows. From his adventures, we can see that Pringle has celebrated Christmas and that it has went shopping for the best Christmas of all time.

You can check out the rest of Pringle’s adventures on Tumblr!

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