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Amazing surreal portrait photos by Rosie Hardy


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Photographer Rosie Hardy is capturing exceptional surreal portrait photos of subjects who appear to be in danger or in places that could exist only in fantasy books.

A lot of today’s young artists are venturing in the surreal world. There are lots of photographers who are replicating other people’s works in a poor way and then there are photographers, such as Rosie Hardy, who will blow you away with the quality of their works.

Despite being very young, the UK-based artist has a very impressive portfolio filled with imaginative portraits of people living in a creative world. The 23-year-old photographer loves art and she is using her beautiful imagination to come up with intriguing photos that will challenge your knowledge of this world.

Rosie Hardy captures surreal portrait photos of people located in fantasy worlds

One of the questions Rosie Hardy is hearing most often is referring to how she got into photography. The answer comes in the form of a blog post, where she explains that she usually tells a story about “MySpace and vanity”.

However, the artist admits that there is more to this than these things. In fact, Rosie describes herself as an “escape artist”. The photographer believes that the real world is holding her back, so she needs a place to escape.

This is where her mind enters the fray, as she is trying to discover herself and to explore her entire mind. Rosie adds that everything feels like a recurring dream as she always feels like running and trying to catch her breath.

These experiences are helping the artist to come up with new ideas. The worlds in her mind need to come out, but they usually exist in poetry, music, and art forms. Right now, she is recreating these fantasy worlds through photography.

The results are surreal portrait photos of people who sometimes look like they are in danger or subjects who are simply contemplating life in unearthly worlds.

A talented artist who also started working with UK celebrities

Rosie Hardy has an impressive collection of self-portraits. It is called “365 Days” and it includes a self-portrait a day over the course of one year.

The photographer has attracted the interest of multiple celebrities. As a result, she has done commercial artworks for Maroon 5, Helen Flanagan, Billy Pearce, and Janet Devlin.

Although she is working with famous people, Rosie is trying to maintain her style, so her commercial work reflects her own fantastic ideas.

More photos and details about the author can be found at her personal website.

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