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Symmetry Breakfast: amazing photos of symmetrical meals


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Photographer and cuisine lover Michael Zee has created the Symmetry Breakfast photo project that consists of great photos of equally great breakfasts arranged in symmetry for us to feast our eyes.

Symmetry looks great in photos. The human mind is always looking for patterns and sometimes will see them even though the patterns are not really there. A lot of renowned photographers have turned symmetry into life-long projects, capturing amazing shots that consist of objects of similar shape and size as well as objects arranged accordingly.

This idea has also started into Michael Zee’s mind, a London-based photographer who has created the “Symmetry Breakfast” photo series on Instagram. The project consists of symmetrical breakfasts cooked or bought by the artist for himself and his boyfriend Mark van Beek.

Symmetry Breakfast: amazing photos of symmetrical morning meals

Instagram may be to “blame” for the rise in popularity of food photography. However, when it is done right, there are no reasons to complain. Such is the case of Michael Zee who is taking great symmetrical shots of the breakfasts made for himself and his boyfriend.

The meals are arranged in identical dishes and glasses, while the table (where they are set) is also filled with symmetrical shapes.

Usually, Michael is cooking, but since it is very hard to do this each day and not to run out of ideas, the artist chooses to go out and buy breakfast from time to time.

The results are visually pleasing, albeit mouth-watering, since viewers will probably get hungry instantaneously, so this is why you should probably eat something before looking at these photos in order to stop you from drooling all over your keyboard.

Photographer Michael Zee gets inspired by breakfasts around the world

You may think that these breakfasts are pretty random. However, photographer Michael Zee is sometimes cooking something that is specific to a certain location.

Some notable examples consist of the Tortilla Espanola, which is the Spanish version of an omelette and which probably tastes as good as it looks and sounds, and salmon with rice, tofu, orange, and Jasmine tea as a Japanese breakfast.

If you prefer not to eat before looking at these breakfasts, then maybe they will serve you as an inspiration to cook something on a cold December morning.

Symmetry Breakfast is a photography project done right and you can check out the full series at its official Instagram page.

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