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1D X


Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware

Canon 1D X firmware update 2.0.7 released for download

Canon has released new firmware updates for two of its DSLR cameras that are rumored to be replaced by the end of 2015. Both the Canon 1D X firmware update 2.0.7 and Canon 5D Mark III firmware update 1.3.3 are available for download right now. The new versions come packed with a few bug fixes and improvements.

Canon EOS 1D X replacement rumor

Canon EOS 1D X successor might feature a global shutter

Canon is rumored to announce a new flagship DSLR by the end of 2015. A new source has come out to reveal an interesting piece of information about the upcoming device. It is said that the Canon EOS 1D X successor will feature a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter as most of today’s cameras with CMOS sensors.

Canon 1D X update

Canon 1D X replacement rumored to feature multi-layer sensor

Canon could be done with major announcements in 2014. However, things will change next year. The company is rumored to put forth a Canon 1D X replacement in 2015, a DSLR that will feature a multi-layered image sensor. Moreover, another camera is coming in 2015 and will employ a big-megapixel multi-layered sensor as well.

Canon 1D X replacement rumor

Canon 1D X successor now rumored to be announced in 2015

A Canon representative has revealed that the company’s fans will hear more news about big-megapixel and mirrorless cameras in the near future. On the other hand, the rumor mill is claiming that the Canon 1D X successor will not be announced by the end of the year, as the DSLR camera will actually be revealed sometime in 2015.

Canon EOS 1D X camera

Canon 1D X replacement coming in late 2014 or early 2015

Canon is rumored to have begun testing a prototype for the flagship EOS camera. The Canon 1D X replacement has been tested by some photographers in New York City. The DSLR camera is said to capture photos around the same resolution as the 5D Mark III and to be on track for a late 2014 or early 2015 release date.

Canon 1D X 1D C insufficient lubrication

Leaked service advisory details Canon 1D X autofocus issues

There is no such thing as a perfect device. Nikon DSLRs have taken quite a beating from the users and the media, while the Fujifilm X-T1 has some problems as well. However, Canon products are affected, too. A leaked service advisory is detailing some Canon 1D X autofocus issues at low temperatures, also affecting the EOS 1D C.

34-gigapixel Prague panorama

Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama

A new gigapixel photo has appeared on the web, showing another European city in its full glory. It measures 34 billion pixels and more than 2,600 individual shots taken with a Canon 1D X have been used for it. This is Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, and it looks simply amazing.

Canon 1D X 1D C insufficient lubrication

Canon 1D X and 1D C cameras affected by inadequate lubrication

Has your Canon 1D X lost its ability to lock in focus on a subject? Did your EOS 1D C’s viewfinder become blurry all of a sudden? Then your cameras are most likely affected by “insufficient lubrication”, Canon says. The company will even repair the devices for free, as everything is just a manufacturing problem.

Canon 1D X update

Canon 1D X firmware update 1.2.4 released for download

Canon has been on a roll in recent times, as the company has released several firmware updates over the past few hours. Now, the EOS 1D X and the 1D Mark III have both received new upgrades. The latter is now compatible with the EF 200-400mm f/4L lens, while the former has had several of its bugs fixed among others.

Wireless tethering Canon 1D X

How to wirelessly tether your Canon 1D X for less than $100

The Canon 1D X comes packed with an Ethernet port. Although not too many photographers take advantage of it, this happens because a wireless transmitter is very expensive. However, photographer William Bennett has taken a different approach and has devised a way which allows you to wirelessly tether the DSLR for less than $100.

Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware update to become available for download soon

Canon announces release date for 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware update

Canon came under scrutiny after users complained that the EOS 1D X and 5D Mark III cameras are having focus problems when using the Speedlite AF Assist Beam. The company acknowledged the issues and announced that it will release a pair of firmware updates to fix the slow focus issues this Spring.

Canon 5D Mark III slower focus to be fixed through soon-to-be-released firmware update

Canon announces 5D Mark III firmware update to fix slow focus issue

Recently, photographers have noticed that the Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III appear to focus slower when using the Speedlight AF Assist Beam system. Well, all problems will go away soon as the company has acknowledged the issues on its forum and has confirmed that a firmware update is inbound for both cameras.

Canon announced a service upgrade for the 1D C, that will bring 4K at 25fps video recording for the camera

Is Canon EOS-1D C that different from its X bearing sibling?

Canon may have introduced high-end DSLR cameras, but one of them is aimed at photographers, while the other is designed for videographers. They are the 1D X and, respectively, 1D C. As the two devices look similar on the outside and on the inside, we are trying to find out what’s the REAL difference between EOS-1D C and EOS-1D X?!


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