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5D Mark II


What Gear for Shooting Stock

Infographic reveals the most popular cameras on stock sites

Have you ever been curious to find out which are the most popular cameras on stock photography websites and if owning one of them means a better chance at selling your photos? Well, then you should check out the “What Gear for Shooting Stock” infographic by Stock Photo Secrets with data from the Dreamstime site.

Canon 5D Mark III hacked Magic Lantern

Canon 5D Mark III and II hacked to capture 2K RAW DNG videos

Magic Lantern has released a hacked firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. The two DSLR cameras have gained the ability of recording 2K RAW videos. This allows cinematographers to output 2K DNG files to the buffer in live view mode and capture up to 14 frames per second for 28 consecutive times.

SUV seen from between the tree line.

Automotive photography done cheap and easy

Advertising photography usually implies having large amounts of expensive camera and lighting gear, in order to produce commercially viable materials. Test-drive photography, on the other hand, can turn out great at just a fraction of the cost, while being quite easy to carry out if you know what you are doing.


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