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5D Mark III


Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware

Canon 1D X firmware update 2.0.7 released for download

Canon has released new firmware updates for two of its DSLR cameras that are rumored to be replaced by the end of 2015. Both the Canon 1D X firmware update 2.0.7 and Canon 5D Mark III firmware update 1.3.3 are available for download right now. The new versions come packed with a few bug fixes and improvements.

Canon 5D Mark III bundle

Canon 5D Mark III price discounts go live at multiple stores

This is the first month after Photokina 2014. After new cameras have been introduced, it appears that older models are having their prices reduced. The last one to benefit from special offers is the Canon 5D Mark III. The DSLR is now cheaper and buyers will also get a myriad of free accessories, depending on their favorite retailer.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark IV to feature big megapixel 4K-ready sensor

Canon will not announce any Cinema EOS cameras at the NAB Show 2014 after all. Sources have backtracked on their claims and have decided to focus on other matters. Without further ado, it seems like we will be graced by a Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR camera with a big megapixel sensor and 4K video recording support in the near future.

Canon 5D Mark III

Magic Lantern firmware 1.2.3 released for Canon 5D Mark III

Not too many photographers choose to install custom firmware on their cameras. However, there are some pretty good options out there. One of them comes from Magic Lantern. The developers have announced that a new version has been released for Canon 5D Mark III users who have the firmware update 1.2.3 installed on their DSLRs.


4K-ready Sony A-mount camera to rival Canon 5D Mark III

Following the recent leak discussing about a new Sony A-mount camera to replace both the A77 and A99, more details have been revealed by the company itself. According to the Japanese corporation, two A-mount shooters will be launched in 2014, including a full frame one with 4K video support to rival the Canon 5D Mark III.

New Canon camera rumor

New Canon camera rumor says Pro DSLR coming in 2014

The fact that Canon is the delaying the announcement of several sought-after products drives its fans crazy. Moreover, gossip talks have intensified in recent times and they are not giving us a rest this week, either. A new Canon camera rumor says that the company is planning a Pro DSLR body, placed higher than the EOS 5D Mark III.


Photographer David Morton wins Essence of Nature photo contest

The Society of Nature and Wildlife Photographers has announced the winner of the Essence of Nature Photographic Competition 2013. David Morton has won the photo contest thanks to a gorgeous image of Red-Footed Falcons mating in the Hortobagy National Park, Hungary with the help of a Canon 5D Mark III and 500mm lens.

Canon 5D Mark III 24fps RAW video

Canon 5D Mark III now able to record 24fps RAW videos

The Canon 5D Mark III has many undiscovered secrets. The camera has been proven to be able to record 2K RAW videos at 14 frames per second. Now, the Magic Lantern team of hackers has taken it even further, by demonstrating that the DSLR camera can capture HD RAW videos at 24fps using a special and custom firmware.

Lightroom for iPad The Grid

Adobe demos mobile RAW editing using Lightroom for iPad

Adobe is targeting the mobile market with Lightroom for iPad. Unfortunately, the application is not available yet, but the company has demonstrated the capabilities of the software on the iOS device during The Grid online show. Users will be able to edit RAW image files on their iPad and the changes will be saved in the cloud.

Download Canon 5D Mark III firmware update 1.2.1

Canon 5D Mark III firmware update 1.2.1 released for download

Canon has released firmware update 1.2.1 for 5D Mark III users, as promised on an earlier date. April 30 has been expected by owners of the DSLR camera for a very long time, as it comes packed with plenty of new features, including uncompressed HDMI output and numerous bug fixes, enhancing support for several accessories.

Canon 5D Mark III hacked Magic Lantern

Canon 5D Mark III and II hacked to capture 2K RAW DNG videos

Magic Lantern has released a hacked firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III. The two DSLR cameras have gained the ability of recording 2K RAW videos. This allows cinematographers to output 2K DNG files to the buffer in live view mode and capture up to 14 frames per second for 28 consecutive times.

Canon 5D Mark III firmware update April 30

Canon 5D Mark III firmware update release date is April 30

Canon has finally announced an “exact” release date for the 5D Mark III firmware update. According to the camera’s official product page, the new firmware will become available for download on April 30. It will come packed with uncompressed HDMI output, autofocus support at f/8 aperture, and several bug fixes among others.

Canon 5D Mark III new firmware update NAB Show 2013

New Canon 5D Mark III firmware update spotted at NAB Show 2013

Canon has confirmed on numerous occasions that the 5D Mark III DSLR camera will receive a firmware update by the end of April 2013. The new update, which should provide clean 1080p output via HDMI and faster autofocus when using the Speedlight AF Assist Beam, has been spotted in the wild at the NAB Show 2013.

Canon EOS 6D firmware update 1.1.3 released for download

Canon 6D firmware update 1.1.3 released for download

The rumor mill has previously suggested that Canon is working on a firmware update for the EOS 6D camera. Although it was supposed to be released sometime in late May or early June, it seems like the Japan-based company has officially unleashed firmware update 1.1.3 for all Canon 6D users, in order to provide a bug fix.

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera as "new"

“Used” Canon 5D Mark III sold as “new” by accident, said DigitalRev

Several days ago, a photographer announced that DigitalRev, a popular online retailer, sold him a “used” Canon 5D Mark III as “new”. He contacted the retailer’s customer service and the response was “surprising”. The company admitted to its mistakes and offered a full refund, while promising that such things will never happen again.

Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware update to become available for download soon

Canon announces release date for 1D X and 5D Mark III firmware update

Canon came under scrutiny after users complained that the EOS 1D X and 5D Mark III cameras are having focus problems when using the Speedlite AF Assist Beam. The company acknowledged the issues and announced that it will release a pair of firmware updates to fix the slow focus issues this Spring.

The serial number of the used Canon 5D Mark III popped up on the Stolen Camera Finder website

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III as “new”

When a retailer advertises a camera as “new”, customers expect it to be brand new. Most of them buy a product from a trusted retailer, particularly for this reason: they want to make sure that the product is sold as advertised. Photographer Rob Dunlop was not so lucky as DigitalRev sold him a used Canon 5D Mark III, instead of a new one.

Canon 5D Mark III slower focus to be fixed through soon-to-be-released firmware update

Canon announces 5D Mark III firmware update to fix slow focus issue

Recently, photographers have noticed that the Canon 1D X and 5D Mark III appear to focus slower when using the Speedlight AF Assist Beam system. Well, all problems will go away soon as the company has acknowledged the issues on its forum and has confirmed that a firmware update is inbound for both cameras.

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens used for the MTF vs frequency test

24-70mm lenses compared using Nikon D800E and Canon 5D Mark III

Choosing a camera kit is not easy for a professional photographer. There are too many things to be taken into consideration and since most people are on a limited budget, camera systems need to be put under serious testing. Roger Cicala is looking to buy a new kit and the first thing to do is to see how systems differ.

dell unboxing canon 5d mark iii camera

Dell customer victim of Canon 5D Mark III scam customer, Jalal, shares his story of how he became a victim of a retail shop scam. The scam seems to revolve around Canon 5D Mark III cameras, and a wholesale warehouse, which is shipping laminated wood floor panels instead of the company’s full-frame DSLR camera.


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