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Canon 70D price

Amazing Canon 70D deals include loads of free accessories

If you fancy purchasing a new camera, then you are in luck. There are great discounts in place for a great DSLR! The latest Canon 70D deals are now available at Amazon, Adorama, and B&H PhotoVideo. The shooter has had its price reduced and each retailer has its own set of free accessories that will be shipped to you with a 70D!

White Canon Kiss X7

New Canon EOS M2 rumor hints at early 2014 launch

The latest teaser campaign by Canon has not been hinting at the launch of the EOS M replacement. The mirrorless camera is not coming this year, says a new Canon EOS M2 rumor. In fact, the device will be released in early 2014, just like a previous source has been claiming for a long time, while the teaser depicts a white 100D model.

Canon 7D DSLR

Canon 7D Mark II rumor: camera will feature mutated 70D sensor

The Canon 7D Mark II is being rumored once again. Sources are confirming that the camera will feature Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, but the EOS 70D sensor will be altered, in order to better suit the needs of wildlife photographers. The rumor also says that the DSLR can do 12 frames per second and many other exciting things.

Canon EOS 70D

Next Canon DSLR to feature 70D-like Dual Pixel technology

The next Canon DSLR to be released on the market might be a camera with a high amount of megapixels. The count could go up to 75-megapixel, but more recent information claims that the device will feature the same Dual Pixel technology found in the EOS 70D, meaning that the count actually refers to the amount of photodiodes.

Canon 70D

Canon 70D officially announced with Dual Pixel AF technology

Canon 70D has been one of the most expected cameras of 2013. The DSLR is now official and will be ready to take on the D7100 at the end of August. Canon’s new camera is packing a new innovative feature, called Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which delivers superior autofocus performance in Live View mode and many other features.

Canon 70D photo leaked

Canon 70D specs leaked with 20.2-megapixel sensor and WiFi

Canon 70D is one of the most discussed EOS cameras of recent times and it has not even been announced yet. Information about the shooter has been leaked once again, but this time a more detailed list of its specifications has appeared in a promotional material. The best part about it is that the DSLR is coming on July 2.

Canon 60D price

Canon 60D price goes down amid EOS 70D rumors

Canon 60D has suffered a price drop at one of the most popular retailers in the world. Amazon is now selling the EOS 60D for $100 less than a few days ago, while the Canon 70D rumors are intensifying, as the rumor mill has revealed that the 60D replacement will be announced in just a few days.

Canon EOS 70D rumor

New Canon 70D rumor says big event is coming within 6-8 weeks

Just when many people were thinking that there will be no more Canon 70D rumors, the gossip talk is back, as the company is said to hold a big product launch event sometime in the next six to eight weeks. The event might be all about the rumored big megapixel camera, but all evidence points to the new EOS 70D DSLR.

Canon 70D AF technology

New autofocus technology coming this July in the Canon 70D

Canon has been rumored to be working on a new autofocus technology for the EOS M successor. However, it appears that the upcoming mirrorless camera is not the only shooter to pack such new system, as the EOS 70D will also benefit from a new AF technology, as both products are said to be unveiled in the summer of 2013.

Canon EOS 70D rumor July

Canon 70D rumor says DSLR is coming this July

The Canon 70D has eluded our sight all over again. The DSLR is nowhere to be seen and, although sources have said that it should be revealed on May 31, a new report does not back that claim. Instead, the Japanese company has decided to move the launch date to July, as the camera has entered in the final testing stage.

Canon 70D launch rumors

Canon 70D launch event taking place on May 31?

A report coming from the Netherlands states that Canon will hold a press event on May 31. It is suggested that the company will finally reveal the EOS 70D, but is it really like this? Will the DSLR camera make an official appearance at the event? Well, we can say that the Canon 70D is so close that we could almost touch it.

Canon 70D release date rumor

Canon 70D release date is at least six weeks away

The Canon 70D has been expected to make an official appearance by the end of April. This fact is very unlikely now, considering the fact that trusted sources are claiming that the DSLR will not be introduced over the following six weeks. It seems like the camera’s release date is actually farther than previously expected.

Canon 7D Mark II rumors

Canon 7D Mark II rumor “confirms” 21-megapixel sensor presence

Canon is working on a couple of new DSLR cameras. One of them is the EOS 70D, which should be unveiled on April 23, while the other one is the EOS 7D Mark II. The rumor mill says that the Canon 7D Mark II will feature a 21-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor and that the shooter’s launch is delayed due to component shortages.

Canon 70D rumor

Canon 70D rumors: release date and price information

Canon is rumored to announce the EOS 70D camera on April 23. As we are getting closer to the alleged release date, a lot of information about the DSLR has been leaked on the web. Canon 70D rumors include details about the specifications sheet, as well as the price, which is in the same range as the Nikon D7100.

Canon 70D to be released on April 23

Canon 70D announcement date slated for April 23

Canon is rumored to have been scheduled a product announcement event on April 23. The suggested date falls on a Tuesday, which is in line with the company’s affection for launch dates. It appears that the Canon 70D DSLR camera will be finally unveiled in two week’s time, with specs similar to those found in the Rebel SL1.

Canon has delayed the EOS 60D replacement camera

Canon 70D announcement delayed until April 2013

Canon has announced four new cameras in a few minutes on March 21. One of these shooters is the world’s lightest and smallest DSLR camera ever, while two others are powered by the DIGIC 6 image processor. However, neither of these is the EOS 70D, as Canon has decided to delay its release date until April 2013.

Canon 60D replacement may make an official appearance on March 21 or 22

Canon 70D finally coming on March 21 or 22

Canon may have finally decided to issue a direct replacement for the EOS 60D. The next-generation camera will most likely be called 70D. An inside source has confirmed that Canon will hold a press event on March 21, while another source has revealed that the new camera is actually coming on March 22.

Canon 60D replacement may make an official appearance on March 21 or 22

Canon 70D to be announced at the end of March?

Canon is preparing a surprise announcement at the end of March. According to sources familiar with the matter, the Japan-based company will finally replace the EOS 60D with the 70D. The brand new DSLR camera will be a significant upgrade over its predecessor and will move away from the “super Rebel” description.

canon 60d

Canon Experience Stores opening tomorrow alongside EOS 70D DSLR?

More details have been revealed about the imminent launch of the first Canon Experience Store. The company will open its first store in Calgary, Canada where Canon is also preparing a couple of surprises consisting of a new DSLR camera and lens. The rumor mill says that the former is actually the EOS 60D replacement.


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