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Canon 750D and 760D

Canon 750D and 760D announced with built-in WiFi and NFC

Canon has decided to split yet another DSLR-series into a couple of models. The brand new Canon 750D and 760D are here as replacements for the EOS 700D. They arrive with similar specs list, while the latter employs some extra tools that will be useful to videographers as well as to more advanced photographers.

Canon 700D

Canon 750D to be called 760D to avoid Nikon D750 confusion?

A lot of information is being leaked on the web before Canon’s big product launch event scheduled to take place on February 6. The Canon 750D DSLR has been said to become official during the show. However, it seems like the camera will actually be called EOS 760D in order to avert a name confusion with the Nikon D750.

Canon EOS 700D successor rumor

First Canon 750D specs leaked ahead of launch

A lot of gossip talks regarding the future of the Canon EOS APS-C line-up are circling around the web these days. A new one has showed up and it includes the first Canon 750D specs. In addition, the same source is claiming that the EOS 700D will be replaced by two similar models: the aforementioned 750D and the 760D.

Canon Rebel T5i

Canon Rebel T6i / 750D and EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens coming soon

After introducing a few PowerShots at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, Canon is preparing a more “serious” product launch event in order to introduce a new Rebel DSLR and a wide-angle zoom lens. Sources are reporting that the Canon Rebel T6i / EOS 750D / Kiss X8i and the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens are both coming soon.

Canon 70D

Mysterious Canon DSLR will be placed between 70D and 700D

A mysterious Canon DSLR has recently showed up in the company’s photos and videos promoting the new Connect Station CS100 storage device. Some have said that the camera is the 80D, while others have suggested that it is the 750D. However, a new source claims that this is a new DSLR series placed between the 70D and 700D.

Unannounced Canon DSLR Leaked

Canon 80D photo accidentally leaked by Canon Austria?

Canon Austria is promoting the new Connect Station CS100 on its Facebook page by uploading photos of the storage drive. In one photo, viewers can see a small part of the DSLR that does not match the design of any current EOS or Rebel cameras and all evidence points to the fact that this is the first leaked Canon 80D photo.

Canon 700D

Canon 750D / Rebel T6i coming with an EVF in Q2 2015

Canon will allegedly announce a replacement for the 700D / Rebel T5i during the second quarter of 2015. The new DSLR will most likely be called Canon 750D / Rebel T6i, while the rumor mill is also suggesting that it will become the first camera of the series to employ an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical viewfinder.

Canon 7D Mark II test camera specs leaked online

Canon 7D Mark II, 750D, and 150D DSLRs delayed until Q3 2014

Replacements for the Canon 7D, Canon 700D, and Canon 100D are rumored to have been scheduled for a May 2014 launch. However, “manufacturing issues” with the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology are said to be the main culprit behind the delay of the Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 750D, and Canon 150D DSLR cameras until Q3 2014.


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