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7D Mark II


Canon 7D Mark II rumor

Canon 7D Mark II and EF 100-400mm IS II lens coming this year

Canon will keep itself busy in 2013, as the company is preparing an event for late summer or early fall. The special occasion will consist of two new product announcements: one for a camera and the other one for a lens. An inside source has revealed that Canon will launch the 7D Mark II and EF 100-400mm lens replacement this year.

Canon 7D Mark II to be released in late summer or early fall

Canon 7D Mark II to be announced in late summer or early fall

Canon is finally going to replace the aging EOS 7D, says the rumor mill. The new camera is described as a “baby EOS 1D X” and, most likely, will go by the name of 7D Mark II, when it will be unveiled later this year. Information is still scarce, but the new camera is rumored to be aimed at sports and wildlife photographers.

Canon 7D replacement

Canon 7D Mark II specs leaked

Canon delayed an EOS 7D replacement for quite some time. The time for that is rumored to have finally come as the specs of the 7D Mark II were leaked on the web. Although it may not serve as a direct replacement for the EOS 7D, the APS-C shooter has all the qualities for taking over the reigns of the camera introduced back in 2009.


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