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Canon 7D Mark II launch details

Canon 7D officially discontinued by Amazon

After a 5-year life cycle, the Canon 7D DSLR has finally been discontinued. Amazon is now listing the camera as “discontinued”, meaning that the device will only be available as stocks last. A recent price reduction, coupled with the new status, could mean that a replacement, in the body of the Canon 7D Mark II, is nearing.

Canon EOS 7D price

Canon 7D price decreased ahead of its successor’s launch

Canon is rumored to announce a new flagship APS-C DSLR camera in the following months. Prior to the launch of the EOS 7D Mark II, the Canon 7D price has been reduced at major retailers in the US. The discount is quite big and it is a sign that the stocks of the current model must be emptied ahead of the new DSLR’s announcement.

New Canon 7D Mark II rumor

Canon 7D DSLR camera rumored to be discontinued this June

The Canon 7D DSLR camera has been around for about five years. The rumor mill is claiming that its time is finally up, as the Japan-based company will discontinue this model by the end of the month. As a result, the road will be paved for the 7D Mark II, a sought-after replacement that photographers have been demanding for years.

Canon 7D RAW video

Canon 7D to get RAW video support from Magic Lantern soon

Magic Lantern’s team of hackers has already proven its coding abilities. Its members have managed to bring RAW video capabilities to a number of Canon cameras, such as 5D Mark III and 50D, using custom firmware versions. According to one of its members, the next EOS shooter to get RAW video support is the Canon 7D.

Tokyo panorama

Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel

Photographer Jeffrey Martin and Fujitsu Technology Solutions have worked together at creating the world’s second largest photo ever. It has been captured from the top of the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel and it has a width of 600,000 pixels. If it were to be printed, then it would be about 328-feet long.

Jeff Cremer captured a 16MP panoramic photo of Machu Picchu

Photographer captures 16-gigapixel panorama image of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of those historic sites which deserve to be seen during one’s lifetime. However, not all people have the means required to travel to Peru. Fortunately, photographer Jeff Cremer is offering the next best thing with the help of a huge 16-gigapixel panorama image of the Inca site, a photo taken with the Canon 7D.

320-gigapixel panorama image of London is the biggest panorama photo in the world

BT creates 320-gigapixel panorama image of London using Canon 7D

British Telecommunications was one of the Olympic Games 2012 main sponsors. In order to celebrate this opportunity, the company created the world’s biggest panorama image, which measures 320-gigapixel. The photo was created from more than 48,000 frames, while post-processing lasted three months.


Stunning Tigress wins National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

The winners of the annual National Geographic Photo Contest have been announced. This year, National Geographic experts picked a surprising, yet duly-deserved, photo as the Grand Prize Winner and the photographer, named Ashley Vincent, received $10,000 for his masterpiece.


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