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Canon 7D Mark II price rumor

There is no 7D Mark II, but don’t rule out a Canon 7D C or 8D

Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that Canon is not developing an EOS 7D Mark II. Despite this tiny information, photographers should not rule out the possibility of an EOS 7D replacement, as a new flagship APS-C DSLR might still be released under a different name such as Canon 7D C or 8D among others.

Canon 8D placeholder

Canon 8D placeholders spotted at online retailers

The Canon 7D Mark II is rumored to replace the EOS 7D in early 2014. Information about the camera has been leaked several times, but everything we thought we knew may be wrong. According to a couple of retailers, the DSLR will be called Canon 8D and it will have an intriguing specifications list, to say the least.


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