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Lightroom Tutorial: How to Make Simple Portraits Look Stunning

We often have to take “normal” photos; senior, couple, and family sessions all require simplicity from time to time. Though beautifully composed headshots are fun to make, they’re not always easy to edit. Not having full creative freedom can make you feel restricted and encourage you to completely avoid simple portraits. It’s possible to satisfy…


How to Create a Magical Autumnal Atmosphere Using Lightroom

The gorgeous autumn months are almost over. At the end of every season, photographers review their portfolios, reminisce, and find beautiful outtakes they didn’t notice before. These outtakes may have been overlooked because of their desaturated colors, lack of light, or uneven horizons. If you can relate to this dilemma, don’t throw those photos away!…


How to Quickly Edit Photos in Lightroom and Get More Work Done

Editing an abundance of photos in Lightroom can feel like a boring chore at times, especially if you have hundreds of photos that look relatively similar. Tasks like this tend to be monotonous and time-consuming, making you wish you were out taking photos instead of sitting in front of your laptop. Most editing programs, fortunately,…


The Quick Clicks Preset Collection is Now Available for Lightroom 4

The wait is over. Our presets for Lightroom 4 are not available. If you already own the LR2 and 3 versions, you are eligible for a free upgrade.


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