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Panasonic image sensor

Apple three-sensor technology patented for smartphones

Apple may release an iPhone with improved low-light and color reproduction capabilities in the future. A new patent has showed up at the USPTO, describing an Apple three-sensor technology that consists of a light splitter transmitting light to a sensor consisting of three pixel layers, one for each color of the RGB space.

Apple logo

Apple action camera patent granted by the USPTO

The US Patent and Trademark Office has just granted a patent for an Apple action camera, causing the GoPro stock price to plunge. The iPhone maker is now rumored to enter the action cam industry with a versatile waterproof camera, which can be mounted on all types of objects and surfaces.

New iPhones

Apple reveals new iPhone 5S and 5C iOS 7 smartphones

Apple’s big September event has taken place and it has brought exactly what the rumor mill predicted. The new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are official and they will become available by the end of next week. The two iOS 7 smartphones are targeted at different categories of consumers, though their specs are very similar.

iOS 7

Apple announces iOS 7 with new Photos and Camera apps

Apple has opened the doors for developers, journalists, and other curious minds during the annual WWDC 2013 event. The conference has begun with the iOS 7 introduction, the next-generation operating system, which provides the biggest design change since the launch of the iPhone, as well as new Photos and Camera apps.


XiStera case makes your iPhone 5 take better photos and open beer bottles

The iPhone 5 is a pretty powerful device, but this does mean it cannot get any better than this. This view is shared by Joe Adams, who has created a Kickstarter project for the XiStera case. It is aimed at Apple’s latest smartphone and it can perform eight different functions to make your life a whole lot better with its ingenuity.

Next iPhone flash technology

Next iPhone could use other iOS devices as flash “slaves”

Apple has filed for a patent which describes an “Illumination System” that could initiate a “master-slave relationship” between an iPhone and other iPhones. This may allow an iOS device to remotely control the flashes of other iOS smartphones or tablets, in order to provide improved lighting when taking photographs.

Lightroom for iPad The Grid

Adobe demos mobile RAW editing using Lightroom for iPad

Adobe is targeting the mobile market with Lightroom for iPad. Unfortunately, the application is not available yet, but the company has demonstrated the capabilities of the software on the iOS device during The Grid online show. Users will be able to edit RAW image files on their iPad and the changes will be saved in the cloud.

Arqball's FocusTwist enables iOS users to re-focus after taking photos

FocusTwist app enables iOS users to re-focus photos

Multi-focus photography will soon offer an unprecedented level of detail to everyday smartphone photography. Until then, Arqball’s FocusTwist app starts off small by simply capturing several photos of the same scene, with different focus points. It then merges them into a fun, re-focusable image.

Apple's latest patent ensures that blur will be reduced to a minimum in iPhone photos

No more blurry iPhone photos, thanks to Apple’s latest patent

Apple has developed a technology that forces the iPhone camera to take photos as soon as the user launches the Camera application and store them in a buffer. When the user touches the display to take a photo, the software will automatically select the least blurry photo from the shots stored in the buffer. The technique is described in a patent filed in October 2012.

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.04 now available for download

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.04 now available for download

Aperture and iPhoto are some of Apple’s most popular photo-editing tools. They are compatible with RAW files, however, new cameras are only supported in the Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update tool. The latest version of the tool is 4.04 and it is now available for download, with support for nine extra cameras.

lightroom magazine

Kelby releases world’s first Lightroom exclusive magazine

Kelby Media Group and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals have teamed to produce the first ever digital magazine about Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom Magazine is the first Adobe Photoshop “How-to” magazine that incorporates columns and articles from the industry’s top experts in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


Polaroid Instant Camera app released for iPhone users

Polaroid updated its Instant Camera application in order to added support for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The app, which provides a complete Polaroid film experience with audio and visual effects, can be downloaded by iPhone 5 owners, too, from the official App Store.


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