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April Fools’ Day


Canon smartphone

All April Fools’ Day jokes in the photography industry

A photo of Canon’s first smartphone has been leaked on the web along with a preliminary specs list. Canon has also launched a DSLR exclusively for wildlife photographers, while preparing to buy Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds business. In other April Fools’ Day jokes, cats absolutely hate your guts for taking photos of them.

HTC April Fools' Day

Samsung, Google, and others celebrate April Fools’ Day

Samsung and HTC are introducing a new type of wearable devices through the Fingers and Gluuv wearable gloves. Google is looking for Pokemon Masters and allows users to love themselves with the help of “shelfies” for Gmail. Nokia brings back the 3310 and launches some new paper maps. They’re all here on April Fools’ Day!

Disney buys Leica

The best April Fools’ Day pranks in photography

April Fools’ Day has finally arrived! In 2013, a lot of cool things have happened on April 1, from Google shutting down YouTube to Canon releasing a DSLR camera for left-handed photographers. Additionally, Instagram is available on Windows Phone 8, while Leica and Zeiss are working on the camera in Apple’s next-gen iPhone.


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