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the other side stormtrooper jorge perez higuera

The Other Side of a Stormtrooper’s life exposed through photography

Have you ever wondered what Stormtroopers do when they are not fighting Jedis and rebels? Now it is you chance to find out! Spanish artist Jorge Pérez Higuera has captured the everyday life of a Stormtrooper on camera. His artistic photo project is called “The Other Side” and will definitely put a smile on your face.

Las Muertas by Tim Tadder

“Las Muertas” portraits celebrate the Day of the Dead holiday

Photographer Tim Tadder has teamed up with two other artists in order to create a surreal portrait photo project that celebrates the “Day of the Dead” Mexican holiday. It is called “Las Muertas” and it consists of models who impersonate the goddess Mictecacihuatl, who has become a “Calavera Catrina”.


Bogdan Girbovan’s “10/1” project shows just how different we are

A Romanian artist has created a thought-provoking photo series that documents the mix of social classes in a 10-storey apartment block located in Bucharest, Romania. Bogdan Girbovan has captured 10 photos from the same angle of 10 single-room flats, which are identical and placed on one another for the 10/1 project.


Monodramatic: haunting photos of clones exploring the world

What would you do if you found out that there are many clones of yourself? Photographer Daisuke Takakura is exploring the “self” concept using clone photography in a project entitled “Monodramatic”. The series features multiple clones of the same person interacting with one another within the same scene.

Bear Castle

Surreal photo manipulations of animals by Tomek Zaczeniuk

Human life could not thrive without animals, says photographer Tomek Zaczeniuk. In order to pay a tribute to mother nature for providing a place for the artist to live in, Tomek is the author of an impressive series of photo manipulations of animals. The results are simply astonishing and you should not miss them!


“foolsdoart”: famous paintings recreated with a funny twist

A photo project requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, this does not mean that stress must worn you out. In fact, photography should help you relieve stress, so photographers Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni have decided to do it through the “foolsdoart” project, in which they recreate famous paintings.

Elegance by Ed Gordeev

Mesmerizing photos by Ed Gordeev that look like paintings

If you love rain and art, then you will surely love the photos captured by photographer Ed Gordeev. The St. Petersburg-based artist is capturing photos of rainy cityscapes that look like paintings. Using creativity and a little bit of editing, the results are mesmerizing and will make you want to start exploring the city in harsh weather.

Zachary Scott

Age is nothing but a mind-set: photos of toddlers as seniors

Is age nothing but a mind-set? Well, if you are old, but you feel young, then you are actually younger than you look. Is this valid the other way around? Well, photographer and illustrator Zachary Scott is presenting a photo series of children dressed as old people in an attempt to make viewers reflect on their true age.

Daughter Does My Makeup

“Daughter Does My Makeup” series questions beauty standards

There are some impossible beauty standards to meet in today’s society and this issue is particularly affecting women. Canadian photographer Elly Heise has set on a question to question these beauty standards by allowing young girls to apply make-up to their mothers for the “Daughter Does My Makeup” photo project.

Super Flemish

Super Flemish: portraits of superheros envisioned as paintings

Have you ever wondered what your favorite superheros would look like if they lived in the 16th century? Well, photographer Sacha Goldberger has set on a quest to find out. The result is called “Super Flemish” and it consists of portraits of superheros as well as villains re-imagined as 16th century Flemish paintings.

The Day Dreamer by Gerald Larocque

“The Day Dreamer”: surreal portraits in a wonderland

Canada-based photographer Gerald Larocque is using his “unconscious and suppressed memories” for “The Day Dreamer” photo series. The project consists of portraits of subjects found in a rather cold setting, which quickly turns into a wonderland featuring real subjects along with unearthly elements in a surreal world.

Olivia Muus

Olivia Muus shows subjects in art paintings taking selfies

Whatever you may think about selfies, they are very popular these days and they are all over social networking websites. In order to put a different light on these self-portraits, photographer and art director Olivia Muus has revealed the #museumofselfie project, which is composed of subjects in art paintings taking selfies.

Mick Jagger by David Bailey

Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters by Sandro Miller

John Malkovich is a famous actor who starred in some amazing features. Sandro Miller is one of the most popular contemporary photographers with a keen eye for portraits. The two have teamed up in order to recreate famous portrait photos in the “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters” project.

Violin player

Amazing surreal portrait photos by Rosie Hardy

Have you ever felt like you are trapped? Well, then you have something in common with photographer Rosie Hardy. The 23-year-old photographer describes herself as an “escape artist”, who is trying to explore her mind. She expresses herself through art and the results are surreal portrait photos that are definitely worth a closer look.

Doctor Who movie scene

FILMography: Artist recreates movie scenes in real-life locations

If you are a fan of both movies and photography, then this is the perfect photo project for you. Photographer Christopher Moloney has been traveling around the world for years in order to recreate popular movie scenes in real-life locations. This project is called “FILMography” and it is the result of hard work combined with artistic skills.

Albert Maritz portrait

Alienation: upside-down portrait photos by Anelia Loubser

Did you know that people’s faces are looking alien-like when viewed upside-down? Well, there is proof to back up this theory and it comes from a South Africa-based photographer. Anelia Loubser has created a series of upside-down portraits of people and has called it “Alienation”, as the people look like they come from another planet.

Expecting winter

Amazing, ethereal worlds created by artist Erik Johansson

Swedish photographer Erik Johansson is the author of an intriguing photo series, that is depicting a future where things are no longer what they used to be. The surreal photos of this talented artist will put your imagination to a test, making you wonder what is real and what is not, all while instilling fear in your heart.

Cop on the beat

“The Vintage Project” is a tribute to 20th century’s fashion

Each decade has its own defining traits when it comes to fashion. Father of two children and photographer Tyler Orehek has decided to explore his photography style courtesy of “The Vintage Project”. Paying a tribute to all things vintage and the 20th century has proven to be a fun challenge and the results are simply amazing.


Metamorfoza: combined portraits of two different people

Every human is unique, right? Well, Croatian photographer Ino Zeljak is out there to prove that we look more alike than we care to admit. His project is called “Metamorfoza” and it consists of portraits of two different people, who are then merged to create a single shot. Using clever post-processing techniques, your brain will be fooled.

Project Astoria

Todd Baxter’s “Project Astoria” depicts an utopian future

Will humans ever colonize other planets? The current generation may not find an answer to this question, but people all over the world have dreamed of an utopian future where humanity has made it on other planets. Photographer Todd Baxter dreams about this, too, so he has created “Project Astoria” to show how things may turn out.


Children facing bedroom monsters in “Terreurs” photo series

What was your biggest fear as a kid? Have you ever had any nightmares involving bedroom monsters? If you did, then this is what you should have done. These children, in the “Terreurs” photography project by Laure Fauvel, are facing the monsters under their bed or in their closet, so they do not have to sleep with the lights on.


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