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Rita Willaert

The majestic artworks in an African village by Rita Willaert

Many people would think that the least probable place to find a work of art is somewhere in a secluded African community. However, Photographer Rita Willaert is presenting us the majestic artworks in an African village, called Tiébélé. The village has been the home of the Kassena tribe since the 15th century.

Entoptic Phenomena

“Entoptic Phenomena” photo series depicts invisible humans

“Entoptic Phenomena” is a visual effect that sometimes causes objects within the eye to become visible. On the other hand, the “Entoptic Phenomena” photo series actually depicts something different. It consists of images of invisible humans walking about the Earth wrapped in cloth. The project has been created by William Hundley.

In Extremis

In Extremis: funny photos of people falling awkwardly

It may have been a while since you have laughed. Photographer Sandro Giordano is trying to put a smile on your face using his “In Extremis” photo series that depicts people falling and landing in awkward positions. Be advised that the collection may also serve as a wake up call and force you to set your priorities straight.

Ishtmeet Singh Phull portrait photo

The SINGH project reveals the epic beards of Sikh men

Having a large beard is something that is quite popular these days. They call it an epic beard on the internet and this is how to show how tough you are. UK-based photographers Amit and Naroop wanted to pay a tribute to Sikh men and their beards so they have created the SINGH project consisting of amazing portrait photos.

South Korea temple past present

Historic Present: old photos overlapped over real locations

We can learn a lot of things from the past. Photographer Sungseok Ahn agrees with this statement so the photographer has decided to overlap old black-and-white photos of buildings in South Korea over present locations. The goal is to see how the present has changed when compared to the past in a project called “Historic Present”.

Hero policemen

“Not All Wear Capes”: dramatic portraits of real heroes

Saving lives is no easy task, but we seem to be forgetting this sometimes. Photographer Brandon Cawood has compiled a series of dramatic portraits that are meant to remind us about this fact. In the “Not All Wear Capes” series, police officers, firemen, and others are seen saving the lives of those in need.

Benoit Lapray

Superheroes pictured in “The Quest for the Absolute” series

What are superheroes doing when they are not fighting crime? Well, French-born photographer and retoucher Benoit Lapray believes that he has the answer. Batman, Superman, and the rest need to spend time alone in order to find themselves. “The Quest for the Absolute” is simply showing the places where they go to do just that.

Counter // Culture

Fashion through the ages in “Counter // Culture” photo project

A 16-year-old student at the Ohio State University has come up with a creative project that reveals the last 100 years of fashion history in just 10 photos. Student and photographer Annalisa Hartlaub has created the “Counter // Culture” series for her university class, but the amazing project has turned into a viral web series.

John Wilhelm's playing with the doll university

John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations are amazing and funny

Photographer John Wilhelm captures photos of his girlfriend and three daughters, which are then edited to create “something completely new”. John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations are both amazing and funny, so they are worth a closer look, while providing a source of inspiration for all the photographers in the world.

Looking at the sky

Surreal photography of a passenger living in an unreal world

Photographer Hossein Zare is one of Camyx’ favorite lensmen and he is back! The Israeli-born artist has revealed his latest cleverly manipulated and surreal photography of a passenger living in an unreal world. Pondering life’s meaning, giving you the chills, and questioning authority are some of the things these photos are meant to do.

Giraffe taking the metro

Exotic animals take over the Paris metro in Animetro project

Photographers Thomas Subtil and Clarisse Rebotier have created an amusing project consisting of photoshopped images of exotic animals taking the metro to visit Paris. Called “Animetro”, it proves that animals and humans can live together in a city. The collection is also on display at the Millesime Gallery in Paris until April 17.

Athena in "Plums" photo

Bill Gekas’ daughter photos are recreations of old paintings

Every photographer needs to find a source of inspiration. Some look deep down into their soul, others check out their environments, although traveling is another great idea. On the other hand, Bill Gekas’ daughter photos are reimaginations of famous paintings created by old master painters, such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Raphael.

Anida Yoeu Ali

The Buddhist Bug Project explores the doubts of an orange bug

After a stressful week it is time to have a few laughs during the weekend. Artist Anida Yoeu Ali dresses as an orange bug while exploring Cambodia’s urban and rural landscapes. It may make you laugh, but she is actually trying to find her true identity. Being torn between Buddhism and Islam is what drives the “The Buddhist Bug Project” forward.

Malin Bergman

Malin Bergman surreal self-photos designed to break your mind

How you would feel if you knew that someone is deliberately trying to mess with your brain? Well, a lot of people are appreciating the courage of Malin Bergman, a talented photographer form Stockholm, Sweden. Her portfolio includes surreal self-photos, which are designed to make you do a double take using clothing and hairstyles.

Víctor Enrich

Photographer remodels Munich building in 88 different ways

There are people who are doing pretty well in life and be happy everyday. However, some do not feel that they have reached their maximum happiness levels. After abandoning a 9-year career in 3D visualization, Víctor Enrich has decided that photography is the way to go and his Munich building project proves that he has made the right call.


Creative black and white portrait photos by Benoit Courti

They say that beauty is in each and everyone of us. They also say that it is in the eyes of the beholder. Benoit Courti thrives under this supposition and creates amazing black and white portrait photos of situations that may seem meaningless to the most of us, which is proof of his artistic skillfulness.


Mind-boggling realistic surreal photography by Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox has an intriguing photo collection consisting of realistic surreal shots of people who appear to be in danger. The shots will have you intrigued, though you will also fear for the safety of the subjects. Nevertheless, the talented photographer does a fine job in combining surrealism with realism and it is worth a closer look.

Direct-positive portrait

Stunning direct-positive portrait photos taken in Afghanistan

A lot of United States soldiers deployed into war zones choose to take a camera with them and capture images in their spare time. Some of them choose to bring unusual setups with them. Such is the case of M. Patrick Kavanaugh, who has brought a Sinar F2 large-format film camera in order to shoot direct-positive portrait photos.


Kylli Sparre’s amazing surreal photos of ballet dancers

Kylli Sparre had been training for several years to become a professional ballet dancer when she discovered photography. She got in touch with her creative side and then started capturing surreal photos of ballet dancers. Her portfolio is a fine example of art photography, which is a result of setting her mind free.

Mirror in a building

Seokmin Ko’s art photos of subjects behind “The Square” mirror

Seokmin Ko has had his work exhibited at the Art Projects International in New York City. His project is entitled “The Square” and it consists of photos of two hands holding onto a mirror across various environments. The artist does not want to deceive the viewers, as the humans are not perfectly blending into the immediate surroundings.


Amazing photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by Manjari Sharma

Hindu deities are not very popular in photography. Nobody really knows why, as there are lots of sculptures and writings of them. In order to give a more accurate representation, photographer Manjari Sharma has decided to create a project called Darshan, which consists of astounding photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.


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