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Color Studies

Photographer hoards and arranges stuff by color, creates art

Hoarders are people who like gathering stuff without any apparent reason. Hoarding is not usually seen as a good thing, but photographer Sara Cwynar has managed to do something truly amazing with it. She carefully organizes the stuff by color and then turns them into works of art with the help of photography.

Safety pin

The life story of a safety pin told through photography

They say that everything is possible in photography. This is true and it is the beauty of this art. Chinese photographer Jun C will be able to bring a tear to your eye using an insignificant object. This may sound unreal, but the life story of a safety pin, capable of expressing human-like emotions, is one of the best projects of recent times.

Day To Night

“Day To Night” shows what happens in New York City in a day

New York City is one of the greatest cities on Earth. Millions of people live there, while millions more come to visit each year. This city looks amazing during the day and just as great during the night. But what it would be like to combine the both? Well, Stephen Wilkes shows just that through the “Day To Night” photography project.

Andrew Lyman

Andrew Lyman explores our fleeting existence via photography

Although humanity has been on this Earth for a while, this period of time is nothing compared to the amount of years our planet has been circling around the sun. Artist Andrew Lyman is exploring this idea using photography and an image collection called “Fleeted Happenings”. The project is all about our transcendence in relation to time and space.


Amazing landscape photos are actually cleverly-built dioramas

Landscape photography is a lot of people’s favorite. However, there is one photographer who is trying to trick your eyes with the help of cleverly-designed dioramas. Matthew Albanese’s photos are all handmade artworks created in his studio. His images will remind you to remain vigilant and always keep your eyes wide open.

Tintype photography

Ed Drew brings tintype photography back into the battlefield

Tintype photography is not something you see every day, especially because it is an “ancient” technique used in the 19th century by most photographers documenting the Civil War. This lost art has just returned on the battlefield, thanks to aerial gunner Ed Drew, who wanted a bigger challenge during his deployment in Afghanistan.

Infrared photography

Amazing color infrared film photography by Dean Bennici

Infrared photography is not accessible to everybody, especially when it is done on analog film. However, Dean Bennici has mastered this art over the years and he has some color infrared film at his disposal, despite the fact that it is not being manufactured anymore. His IR photos are great, even without any digital manipulation.

Silvia Grav

Silvia Grav brings back Salvador Dali-like surrealism

Photographer Silvia Grav is one of the most talented artists of recent times. Her black and white photography is surreal, reminding viewers of Salvador Dali’s work. The photographer user multiple exposure shots to induce a state of dreams, while the images’ captions provide a great read.

Ancient Greek Photoshop

Ancient Greeks wearing hipster clothes, courtesy of Photoshop

While visiting the Louvre Museum, photographer Léo Caillard had the crazy idea about dressing Ancient Greek sculptures into hipster clothes. Well, it is not crazy if it works and the Paris-based artist has delivered one of the best photo projects of recent times, by photoshopping the statues to look like modern-day hipsters.

The Fundamental Units project

World’s lowest valued coins captured in 400-megapixel photos

Capturing 400-megapixel images is not handy to most photographers, but Martin John Callanan got help from the Alicona infinite focus 3D microscope. This is one of the best microscopes in Europe and it allowed Callanan to create “The Fundamental Units” project, which consists of photos of world’s least-valued coins.

Cade Martin vs Rodney Smith imitation dispute

PDN March cover photo is an imitation, photographer says

Originality has always come into question in the world of photography and, most likely, this will never stop. The next chapter in this story has been written by photographer Rodney Smith on his personal blog, where he is accusing PDN of using an imitation of his photos on the cover of the magazine’s March 2013 issue.

A girl and a dog image by Andrej Vasilenko

Henri Cartier-Bresson mistakenly credited for “A girl and a dog” photo

The internet has been the creator of many fails and this one is an example of why the photographers’ copyrights must be respected. For a very long time, a picture entitled “A girl and a dog” has been attributed to Henri Cartier-Bresson, a renowned photojournalist, but its true author has been recently discovered.

Cristian Girotto used Adobe Photoshop to make adults look like children in the "L'Enfant Extérieur" project

Cristian Girotto photoshops adults to look like children for a living

Cristian Girotto is an Adobe Photoshop designer extraordinaire who manages to surprise the world of photography every time he reveals a new project. His latest project is called “L’Enfant Extérieur” and it consists of the portraits of adult men and women, who have had their faces modified to make them appear as children.


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