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Five Easy Tips For Capturing Great Beach Photos

This blog will give you good tips for getting good photos at the beach.


5 Favorite Silhouette Images From Queensland, Australia

One of my favorite things to photograph is sunset silhouettes. The silhouettes come from people or objects darkened to the point that no detail left. This is a fairly easy photography technique to master – as it involves exposing for the brighter background. Here are a few helpful tutorials on photographing and editing silhouette images:…


7 Rockin Beach Posing Tips

Taking pictures in full sun on the beach can challenge the strongest of photographers. Here are tips to help you pose families and children – and get the best possible images on the beach.


10 Rocking Tips for Beach Photography

Beach Photography is fun, relaxing and beautiful. But if you are unsure what to do when you get to the beach, it can also cause stress.  So prepare ahead with ideas, poses and props. Thank you to Kristin of Kristin Rachelle Photography for these amazing beach photography tips. Let me preface these tips by saying…


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