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Get Richer Images in Photoshop Using Multiply and Softlight Blend Modes

If you are looking for rich colors in fast, without the use of Photoshop actions, try using blend modes in Photoshop. The after image used two “fake” or empty adjustment layers set to blend modes of soft light and multiply. Watch our included Photoshop video tutorial below to learn how we did it!    


Over-Editing in Photoshop: How to Avoid 25 Common Editing Mistakes

Don’t fall victim to the common editing mistakes that most photographers make at one time or another. Find out the mistakes and how to avoid them in your photo editing. Decide for yourself which may still have a time and place in your workflow.


Photoshop Actions: 14 Reasons your Actions for Elements Might Not Work and How to Fix Them

Running Photoshop actions inside of Elements is not always easy.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to get your actions up and running inside Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE). 1. Before installing an action into Photoshop Elements, confirm with the action creator that it is compatible with your version of PSE. If you are purchasing a Photoshop…


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