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Outdoor Image Fixed in Photoshop: Better Sky ~ Better Lighting

Thanks to Karen Gunton of Smile, Play, Love Photography in Australia, for sending in this Blueprint. Karen wrote: The sun was behind this family. The camera could not handle the dynamic range and I did not have fill flash or a reflector.  The sky was blown and their faces were quite dark. I actually have…


Using Photoshop Actions to Enhance a Blue Sky and a Rainbow

Using Photoshop Actions to Enhance a Blue Sky and a Rainbow As photographers, we have no control over the weather conditions. Sometimes we get rained on and other times we get lucky enough to get beautiful light or even to cross paths with a rainbow. This photo was sent in by Crystal Smith of Envision…


Fixing a Blue Sky and Exposure Using Photoshop Actions: A Blueprint

I edited this photo using MCP Photoshop actions for I Heart Faces.  This photo was submitted by Caroline of When shooting on a bright day with the sky behind the subject, if you do not have a flash or reflector, it is hard for your camera to balance the exposure properly. Your subject likely…


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