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Bonzart Lit launched as a cute DSLR-like toy camera

Bonzart makes a lot of cute devices. The company has just introduced a new one, consisting of a toy camera. It is called Bonzart Lit and it sports a DSLR-esque design. The product features a 3-megapixel sensor and captures photos that display a lot of vignetting. Dubbed as a hipster’s dream, the Lit is available now for a very small price.

Bonzart Ampel camera

Bonzart Ampel camera with tilt-shift lens available for $180

How would you feel if you find out that you can shoot tilt-shift photography for less than $200? What would you say if you hear that you can buy such a device right now? But what if the camera features a twin-lens design to capture even regular shots? Well, if you want this gadget, then you should purchase the new Bonzart Ampel.


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