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sony hx350 front

Sony HX350 bridge camera becomes official with 50x optical zoom lens

This is usually a quiet period for the digital imaging world when it comes to official announcements. The end of the year is approaching, so everybody seems to be on vacation. However, it appears that Sony never sleeps, as the manufacturer has just introduced the Cyber-shot HX350 superzoom bridge camera.

Panasonic FZ2500

Panasonic FZ2500 is every videographer’s dream bridge camera

There is no doubt that Panasonic loves videographers and they feeling is likely mutual. The company was among the first to support the 4K standard in consumer photography and now it is stepping up a notch by adding plenty of pro-grade video features in the Lumix FZ2500, a bridge camera announced at Photokina 2016.

nikon coolpix p900

Nikon Coolpix P900 successor will have 100x zoom lens

Nikon has reportedly patented a 100x optical zoom lens created for compact cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type sensors. The optic has most likely been developed for the replacement to the Coolpix P900, one of the most impressive fixed-lens cameras of recent times. Check out what we know so far about the lens!

sony rx10 iii

Sony RX10 III becomes official with 25x optical zoom lens

Sony has just introduced its latest superzoom camera designed for both photographers and videographers. The new Cyber-shot RX10 III is here with a 20.1-megapixel stacked sensor and a 25x optical zoom lens, which offers a full-frame equivalent of 24-600mm. This new shooter is also capable of capturing 4K movies and 14fps in burst mode.

nikon coolpix a900 b700 b500

Nikon introduces Coolpix A900, B700, and B500 cameras

Nikon’s latest superzoom cameras are officially here to provide an extensive list of features in compact and lightweight bodies. The Coolpix A900, B700, and B500 are all featuring extended zoom lenses and they will become available on the market this spring with affordable price tags.

Sony DSC-HX90V

Sony HX80 release date, specs, and price details leaked

Sony is preparing another big announcement in order to introduce a couple of new cameras. Both units will come with a fixed zoom lenses, so they will be aimed at travel photographers. Without further ado, here is everything we know about the Sony HX80 and HX350 ahead of their official announcement event that will occur soon!

Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Weathersealed Panasonic FZ300 4K bridge camera announced

The second camera of the day for Panasonic is the Lumix FZ300. This is a brand new bridge camera that employs an SLR-like design and weathersealing. The new Panasonic FZ300 is replacing the FZ200 and it has to offer a 24x f/2.8 zoom lens, a fast autofocus system, and 4K video recording among others to consumers.

Panasonic GX7 successor rumors

Panasonic GX8 and FZ300 to be announced within a few days

Multiple trusted sources are claiming that Panasonic has scheduled a major product launch event for next week. Among the upcoming products, it is said that the Panasonic GX8 and FZ300 cameras will become official, while the 150mm f/2.8 super-telephoto prime lens will be unveiled for Micro Four Thirds fans, too.

Panasonic Lumix FZ300 specs leaked

Panasonic FZ300 specs and price details revealed

Panasonic will allegedly hold a product launch event sometime by the end of this summer in order to reveal a new camera and a new lens. Before the said announcement, the rumor mill has leaked some of the Panasonic FZ300 specs along with the price details of the upcoming bridge-styled superzoom camera.

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

Panasonic FZ300 and 150mm f/2.8 lens to be unveiled in July

Panasonic is rumored to have scheduled a product launch event for July 2015. The company is expected to reveal at least a couple of new products, including a camera and a lens. According to the rumor mill, the products set to be unveiled next month are the Panasonic FZ300 bridge camera and the 150mm f/2.8 telephoto prime lens.

Sony RX10 II

Sony RX10 II gets notable spec upgrade over its predecessor

Sony has concluded its big press event with the introduction of another camera with a stacked CMOS sensor. The Sony RX10 II is here to replace the RX10 with a bunch of improvements that are aimed at competing against the Panasonic FZ1000. The bridge camera will become available soon with a 40x slow motion mode!

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

Panasonic FZ300 registered alongside G7 and GX8 cameras

Panasonic is on the verge of announcing three new cameras. The rumor mill has already confirmed that the G7 and GX8 Micro Four Thirds cameras are coming. The two models have just been registered on Wi-Fi Alliance’s website, but an unknown model has also been mentioned alongside them: the Panasonic FZ300.

Sony DSC-HX60

Sony HX70 compact camera rumored to be on its way

Sony is rumored to be working on a couple of fixed-lens compact cameras. According to the rumor mill, one of the devices will replace the HX60 / HX60V, which means that the Sony HX70 and HX70V are coming soon. The second model could replace the HX400 / HX400V, thus being released as the Sony HX500 and HX500V cameras.

Canon SX60 HS

Canon PowerShot SX70 could feature 100x optical zoom lens

Canon has just patented a lens with an extended zoom range of 100x. The rumor mill has chimed in the discussion, hinting that the optic could be designed for the PowerShot SX60 HS’ successor. As a result, the Canon PowerShot SX70 is now rumored to employ a 100x optical zoom lens, when it becomes available in 2015 or 2016.

nikon coolpix p900

Nikon Coolpix P900 bridge camera announced with 83x optical zoom lens

After introducing the D7200 DSLR camera, Nikon has revealed the Coolpix P900 bridge camera. This new model comes with a staggering 83x optical zoom lens, which is one of the most extended lenses available in a camera. The Nikon Coolpix P900 shooter also features WiFi, NFC, and GPS, and will be released this April.

Nikon Coolpix L610 and L840

Nikon Coolpix P610 and L840 revealed with superzoom lenses

Nikon continues with official announcement with the introduction of the Coolpix P610 and Coolpix L840 bridge cameras. Both models employ superzoom lenses with Vibration Reduction technology as well as WiFi and NFC. The Nikon Coolpix P610 and L840 are coming to the market this March at affordable prices.

Canon SX410 IS

Canon PowerShot SX410 IS unveiled with 40x optical zoom lens

Canon has decided to replace one of its bridge cameras, called PowerShot SX400 IS, just six months after its initial introduction. The brand new Canon PowerShot SX410 IS bridge camera is here with an improved sensor of 20 megapixel and an enhanced 40x optical zoom lens, that reaches a 960mm telephoto focal length.

Fujifilm S9900W bridge camera

Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 bridge cameras launched with 50x zoom lens

Fujifilm continues today’s announcements with the introduction of two bridge cameras featuring a 50x optical zoom lens. The brand new Fujifilm S9900W and S9800 long-zoom cameras also come packed with built-in 5-axis image stabilization technology and a myriad of interesting specs compressed in budget-friendly bodies.

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS

Canon PowerShot SX530 HS announced with built-in WiFi

Canon is the first digital imaging manufacturers to give the green light to its CES 2015 announcements. The event is underway for the press and the Japan-based company has decided to introduce the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS bridge camera. The device comes packed with built-in WiFi and NFC for increased connectivity options.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

Sony RX20 specs and price leaked ahead of mid-October launch

Sony will allegedly introduce a replacement for the RX10 in mid-October 2014. Ahead of the purported launch event, the rumor mill has managed to leak some of the Sony RX20 specs as well as the price that consumers will have to pay for this bridge camera. One of the biggest improvements will consist of 4K video recording.

Canon SX60 HS

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS unveiled with 65x optical zoom lens

Canon has finally revealed the replacement for the PowerShot SX50 HS. It is called Canon PowerShot SX60 HS and it is a bridge camera designed for travel photographers. The shooter comes with numerous exciting features, such as a 65x optical zoom lens with built-in optical image stabilization technology.


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