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How to Get Featured on a Book Cover

Books are a comfort for many, yet the publishing side of literature is often seen as an intimidating world of contracts, offices, and deadlines. It seems that only the very best photographers can get the opportunity to successfully contribute their work and get published. Because of this, many book-loving photographers refuse to contribute their work…


5 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Photographer

Being a photographer can be financially challenging sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with facing issues that constantly plague the world of creativity. Wanting to be economically stable is what will help you get through times of drought. The best thing you can do during this phase is experiment and persist whenever you can. Experimentation can be…

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5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot

Follow these tips to build a better rapport with your clients, be early, smile, keep things moving and more.

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Too Expensive? How to Help Clients See the Value In Your Photography

Learn how to show your client your value – and why you are worth the price of your photography!

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How to Choose Your Next Photography Workshop

Learn how to choose the best photography workshop for you.

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5 Ways To Build Your Photography Business Without Social Media

5 Easy tips on how to increase the reach of your photography business without the use of social media websites.


Cheap Photographers are Crushing the Photo Industry…Or Are They?

Are cheap photographers crushing the photo industry? One photographer’s take on this frequently asked question.


The Best Ways to Improve your Online Photography Portfolio in 2014

This blog will help you set your business foundations, showcase your work so that your personal artistry shines through, and help you gain clients.


The Danger of Showing Too Many Images To Your Customers

We take lots of photos during every photo session. How do you know if are presenting the right amount to your client? Follow these tips if you are lost.

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The Secret To Creating Baby Plans That Work: Newborn Photography

Newborn photographer, Amanda Andrews, shares different baby plans that she has tried with her newborn clients. Learn what has and hasn’t worked for her.


How to Become a Professional Photographer

When it comes to photography, the difference between a hobby and a profession is whether or not you’re making a living as a professional photographer.


The Key to Successful Photography is Working With Others

Collaboration is the key to successful photography. Find out how to develop these relationships and improve your photography.


How To Make More Money With In-Person Ordering Sessions

Make more money and provide better service to your photography customers by doing in person ordering.


9 Surefire Ways to Have Happy Photography Clients

Everyone wants happy customers. Make yours a top priority using these 9 easy tips!


6 Tips on Balancing Life as a Mom and Professional Photographer

Tips on Balancing Life as a Mom and Professional Photographer Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out from the stress of juggling a career, kids, family life, and more? Here are a few tips for keeping it all together: Set aside work hours: Grethel suggests trying to keep “normal” business hours. Keep track…


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