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canon cinema eos c700 rumors

Canon Cinema EOS C700 set for 2016 announcement

A new Cinema EOS camcorder is in development, reliable sources have revealed. Canon is working on a new unit, one that will be placed above its current offerings. The device is allegedly called C700, while being internally codenamed as “C1”. In this article, we are letting you know everything we have heard about it so far!

tim smith canon 8k camera

Canon 8K camera to be displayed at NAB Show 2016

Canon will be present at the NAB Show 2016 this April. The company has confirmed its participation at the event, while also providing some interesting details about its upcoming products. Tim Smith, Senior Advisor, Film and TV Production, said in an interview that 8K devices will be showcased at the event.

Canon EOS C500

Canon C500 Mark II coming soon with 8K support

The 2016 edition of the National Association of Broadcasters Show is getting closer and it seems like videographers have one more reasons to be happy about it. There are several gossip talks about the possibility of seeing the Canon C500 Mark II in action at the event, a camcorder that will be capable of recording 8K videos.

Sony F65 CineAlta

Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder to be announced in early 2016

Sony is working on a flagship recorder to replace the F65. According to an insider, the Japan-based company will announce a Sony 8K CineAlta camcorder sometime in early 2016. Before its launch event, the source has managed to leak some of its specifications, including the ability to record videos at 8K resolution.

Canon ME20F-SH camcorder

Canon ME20F-SH camcorder announced with 4 million ISO

Canon has just introduced one of the most amazing cameras of this year. However, it is not aimed at consumers. The Canon ME20F-SH is a professional multi-purpose camcorder that shoots color full HD videos at 60fps. The great part is that it can do it in extremely low light conditions thanks to its maximum ISO sensitivity of four million.

Canon EOS C500

Canon EOS C500 Mark II coming in mid-2016 with 6K+ video support

Pretty soon we may have to stop talking about 4K video recording as being a must-have feature for cameras aimed at videographers. It seems like the world will make the jump to 6K and 8K a lot sooner than expected. According to the rumor mill, Canon EOS C500 Mark II will be introduced in 2016 and will record higher-than-4K movies.

Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic reveals Micro Cinema Camera for pro filmmakers

Blackmagic has introduced a new compact, lightweight, and affordable interchangeable lens camera for professional filmmakers. The devices goes around by the name of Micro Cinema Camera and it comes packed with a Super 16mm sensor that offers up to 13 stops of dynamic range and a global shutter alongside a rolling shutter.

Canon XC10 camcorder

Canon XC10 4K camera announced with new XF-AVC format

After months of rumor and speculation, Canon has finally introduced the 4K fixed-lens camera that is said to compete against the Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic FZ1000 among others. It is called Canon XC10 and it consists of a camcorder that shoots 4K videos in a new proprietary video format named XF-AVC.

Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Canon C300 Mark II unveiled with 15-stop dynamic range

Canon carries on with its NAB Show 2015 announcements by introducing the successor to the EOS C300 Cinema camera. The brand new Canon C300 Mark II camcorder is here with 4K video recording support and with amazing image quality delivered by a new image sensor that provides up to 15 stops of dynamic range.

Canon 4K fixed-lens camera

Canon 4K fixed-lens camera photos and specs leaked

Recently, we have revealed that Canon will launch a 4K video camera to compete against the Panasonic GH4 in the form of a fixed-lens model. Now, it is time to reveal the first photos and specs of the Canon 4K fixed-lens camera, which has been introduced at an event in China by renowned actor Jackie Chan.

Panasonic Lumix GH4

Canon’s Panasonic GH4 rival will be a fixed-lens camera

Canon has been rumored to be working on a competitor to the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S for a long time. The device has also been said to be coming at NAB Show 2015. It appears that Canon’s Panasonic GH4 rival is indeed coming in April 2015, but it will be a fixed-lens camera instead of an interchangeable lens one.

Canon EOS C500 replacement rumors

Canon C500 Mark II coming at NAB Show 2015, too

Canon is preparing for a very busy NAB Show 2015. The company is expected to introduce the C300 Mark II as well as the EOS C700x 4K video recording cameras. However, the rumor mill says that the company has one more 4K camcorder in tow: the Canon C500 Mark II, which will become the flagship Cinema EOS model.

Canon C100 Mark II

Canon C700x leaked as a 4K camera with a global shutter

Canon is preparing to take part in a very interesting NAB Show 2015. The event could house the announcement of the first Cinema EOS camcorder with a global shutter. The first photo, name, and specs of this device have been leaked on the web. It is called Canon C700x and it will be able to record videos at 4K resolution.

Canon EOS C300

Canon C300 Mark II launch event set for NAB Show 2015

Canon is rumored to introduce a new Cinema EOS camera at the NAB Show 2015. The model in question is thought to be the EOS C300 replacement and to be capable of recording 4K videos. According to an insider, the Canon C300 Mark II launch event is scheduled to take place sometime around mid-April 2015.

Panasonic AF AF101

Panasonic AF101 replacement coming at NAB Show 2015

Panasonic is rumored to join the NAB Show 2015 in order to announce a hybrid Micro Four Thirds camera with improved low-light capabilities. It appears that the model in question is the Panasonic AF101 replacement, which will be capable of capturing 4K videos as well as 18-megapixel stills.

Sony AX33

Sony FDR-AX33 revealed as an affordable 4K camcorder

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 continues with Sony, which has just revealed a small, lightweight, and budget-friendly 4K camcorder. CES 2015 attendees are referring to the Sony FDR-AX33 as the first “true” 4K Handycam, thanks to its impressive features, design, and price tag. Check out all the details about the FDR-AX33!


More Canon XC10 specs and details showed up online

It appears that Canon is indeed working on a fixed-lens camcorder capable of recording videos at 4K resolution. In anticipation of the purported launch event, insiders have leaked more Canon XC10 specs and details. It appears that the camcorder will join the market soon in order to compete against the Sony PXW-X70.

Canon C100

Canon XC10 4K camcorder to be announced at CES 2015

Canon is expected to revamp its entire Cinema EOS line-up over the following months. The Japan-based company has already started a few weeks ago with the introduction of the EOS C100 Mark II. The rumor mill claims that the plans will continue with the Canon XC10, a 4K camcorder with a fixed-lens coming at CES 2015.

Canon EOS C300

Canon C300 Mark II to be capable of recording 4K videos

Canon is believed to be working on multiple new Cinema EOS camcorders. A model that is sure to be launched is the Canon C300 Mark II, which will replace the C300 at the NAB Show 2015 or during the event. The EOS C300 replacement will be a major upgrade over its predecessor and will be capable of recording 4K videos.

Stealth 2 action cam

Drift Stealth 2 introduced as a small, lightweight action camera

A new action camera has entered this market in an attempt to battle against the leader of the pack: GoPro. The brand new Drift Stealth 2 is the smallest and lightest action cam ever released by Drift Innovation. The device is compact and weighs only a few ounces, just like the Hero4 cameras, but it comes with a smaller price tag.

Sony A99 vertical grip

More Sony 8K camera rumors surface online

Fresh gossip talks are hinting that Sony is working on a camcorder capable of recording high-resolution videos at 8K pixels. The latest Sony 8K camera rumors are hinting that the device is being readied for the 2016 Summer Olympics, confirming what the initial source has said: the 8K-ready camera will be announced in early 2016.


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