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Which Is Better? The Film vs Digital Debate

It’s confession time. I used to think that modern photographers who used film cameras had lost their minds. I admit it, I judged them a bit. Who would use film vs digital? Who on earth would PAY for film and then PAY again for developing and WAIT for the images? For only 24 or 36…


Why You Might Need a Mirrorless Camera in Your Camera Bag!

Mirrorless cameras are really starting to hit the main stream. Should we be paying attention? What should we know about them?


Because Camera Equipment Really Does Matter

Some say it’s what you do with your camera and lens, while others feel the equipment makes the photo. Learn the truth – which is correct.


Find Out the Best Selling Photography Products Now

Find out the hottest selling camera and photo gear now!


Proud To Be A Hobbyist Photographer: Reasons NOT To Go PRO

Proud To Be a Hobbyist Photographer: Reasons NOT To Go PRO This article is by Mandi Tremayne. She writes…I have been a follower of the MCP blog for several years now.  I like to call myself a “craptacular photog hobbyist”.  I’ve been thinking on the subject lately of amateur photographer/hobbyist vs. (true) professional photographer.  I…


My Camera Takes Really Nice Pictures

What camera and lenses do you have? Does it make you the photographer you are? My favorite cartoons of all times is What the Duck. And of these amazing photography and Photoshop related cartoons, the best ever is this one. So the other day, with What the Duck plush in hand, my daughter Ellie and…


FAQ: Informal Review of the Canon G11 P&S

By nature, I am not usually satisfied with point and shoot pictures.  I love having control of my images and like being able to shoot where and when I want.  I cannot stand the built in flash and red-eye that occurs when using these small pieces of equipment. So why even bother?  I decided I…


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