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Happy Halloween! Make Sure to Enter the Halloween Contest too…

I love Halloween.  Fun activities, pumpkin decorating, my birthday being the day prior, dressing up, pretending, and did I mention candy? I still dress up, even as an adult.  This year, I am Mrs. Potato Head and my husband Mr. Potato Head, from Toy Story 3.  Pictures will be shared on Facebook in the next…


Inspirational Photos: Candy, Bubblegum, and Lollipop Images

Candy, bubblegum, and lollipops – Oh my! Why take pictures if you can’t share them and inspire other photographers? New to the MCP Blog: photo sharing posts.  I will post to the MCP Facebook Fan Page, and let everyone know a theme.  You will email me your favorite photo (sized 600px wide) for the theme. …


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