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child photography


Photographing Children

How to Get Uncooperative Children to Pose for Pictures

When working with children smiles and energy are key. Laugh, dance, let them play and enjoy their moments in order to capture them at their best.


Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun

Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun Photographic trends vary widely from photo journalistic to highly stylized to formal. I am by nature an observer and therefore tend to embrace the photo journalistic style of children’s portraits.  That being said, I am also in business and very few clients are willing to pay me…


Facebook for Photographers: How to Use Facebook to Help Your Business

Facebook for Photographers by Tracy Genovese Robinson Facebook can be a photographer’s BEST forms of free advertising.  I can’t tell you the number of clients I have gotten as a result of the magic of Facebook. Here are some tips on using it to its full advantage (and if you have more tips, please add…


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