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7 Ways to Capture Emotion in Your Photography

What separates a simple snapshot from a stunning success is the story the image portrays. I believe the most important element to be captured in a photograph is emotion. The more emotional the shot is, the more it appeals to our senses, and the greater the connection we feel to it. If a picture conveys…


5 Steps To A Successful Photography Business

Learn the secret to running a successful photography business.


Quick, Easy Urban Post Processing Using Photoshop Actions

Achieve the vibrant urban cross processed look on your next portrait session using these quick and easy steps. Here’s how.


Fixing an Underexposed Shot with Photoshop Actions: A Blueprint

Fixing an Underexposed Shot with Photoshop Actions: A Blueprint Sometimes you get that perfect composition, with a cute from the child looking at the camera, but you don’t nail the exposure.  It happens to both hobbyist and professional photographers at one time or another.  Usually, if you have a better one, this shot might get…


Interview with Audrey Woulard, Professional Children’s Photographer

Interview with Audrey Woulard, Professional Children’s Photographer Last week, I had the opportunity to interview the talented and popular Chicago Children’s Photographer, Audrey Woulard. She is known for her natural light portraiture and her ultra sharp, colorful, with shallow depth of field photography. MCP Facebook Fans sent in questions and many attended this open dialog. …


Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session

Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session I realize that my best sessions are always the ones where I truly have fun. Where I laugh as much (if not more) as the kids. Being silly is part of my style, and it’s why I enjoy being a kids’ photographer. BUT it is very easy…


Photography Help: How to Get Inspired to Shoot Creatively

Photography Help: How to Get Inspired to Shoot Creatively “But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well. You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.” Garden Party –Ricky Nelson My path has taken me to a place where I get to meet a lot of photographers.  Most of the…


Professional Photographer Interview: Laura Novak

I am excited to bring you a close up look at professional photographer, Laura Novak.  She has built a successful photography business the past 10 years and has expanded to owning 2 portrait studios with 8 photographers. Laura is inspiring and full of helpful ideas and tips for new and experienced photographers. Please read and…


5 Foolproof Tips for Photographing Kids

5 Foolproof Tips for Photographing Kids by Tamara Kenyon I get asked a lot about which subject the hardest to photograph. Most often I get people guessing that it’s kids because they’re so busy and hard to direct. WRONG. If we’re being honest here, it’s actually grown men, but that is for another post. Kids…


Ask Deb! Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Photography Questions

A few weeks ago, the MCP Blog had a series on going from Hobbyist to Professional Photographer.  While the contests have passed, the great information is all still available. Do a search and start learning.  One of the prizes was a mentor session with professional photographer, Deb Schwedhelm. Deb has generously offered to answer some…


10 Tips for Becoming a School Portraiture Photographer

The Business of School Portraiture By Courtney DeLaura The pre-school and school portrait business, in general, is typically a scary subject for portrait photographers—very much a photographic area that many wouldn’t dare consider. Visions of cattle call-like lines of children, little black combs and ugly backdrops flash before your eyes. I know, because those are…


Interview with the Amazing Angela Monson of Simplicity Photography

I had the privilege of interviewing Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography last week and am excited to share some of her story with you.  Angie’s work speaks for itself. And I often get asked from my readers how they can recreate her look. Angie has offered to do a question and answer session as well.…


10 Rocking Tips for Beach Photography

Beach Photography is fun, relaxing and beautiful. But if you are unsure what to do when you get to the beach, it can also cause stress.  So prepare ahead with ideas, poses and props. Thank you to Kristin of Kristin Rachelle Photography for these amazing beach photography tips. Let me preface these tips by saying…


Enter “THE EYES HAVE IT” Contest at I Heart Faces – guess who the judge is this week?

I Heart Faces started doing contests a few weeks ago.  They will be doing weekly contests where you can enter you best face shots that fit their weekly themes. It is such an honor for me to have been chosen to judge the I Heart Faces “The Eyes Have It” Contest.  This contest runs through…


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